An Interview with Figamma, a Colombian Design Firm


On my last visit to Bogota, I had the pleasure of visiting the architectural firm Figamma, recognized in Colombia for their architecture and interior design projects. They told me about their work methodology that starts with the floor as the foundation for their choice of colors, patterns and textures.

Where and how do you find inspiration for your projects?
We start by meeting with our client a few times to better understand their needs and their company culture. We then browse their brand book looking for design elements to spark inspiration. We also search the web, magazines and other resources for inspiration. That’s how we choose the designs, textures, materials and colors that will be used in our final design.

You’ve said that most of your projects start with the floor design. Can you elaborate on that?
We start by defining a basic color scheme for our client’s spaces. Then we choose a carpet that will set the tone. Next we look for base and finishing materials that will create harmony in those spaces and give them the unique look we strive to achieve in all our projects. And because we know how important adaptability and durability are to each client, we create designs that will stand the test of time.

What are the benefits of using modular carpet tiles in your projects?
By using modular carpet, we get:

  • Flooring that is easy to replace on site
  • A floor that’s easy to install
  • Great acoustic properties
  • A warmer, more sophisticated look
  • More durability for our clients, thus avoiding them unnecessary changes

How does modular carpet tile provide value to your projects?
The new formats are well suited to our floor design needs. They allow us to combine multiple textures, colors and shapes for endless design options.


From left to right: Lina González, Natalia González, Luz Piedad Santa, Fernando González

From left to right: Lina González, Natalia González, Luz Piedad Santa, Fernando González

About Figamma:
Founded in 1994 in Colombia, Figamma is a family business that provides architectural and interior design services for various projects, including corporate and commercial spaces, hospitals, and homes. In its 20+ year history, Figamma has worked on some of the most iconic projects in the country, putting to good use its deep knowledge and understanding of its clients’ needs and preferences.

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