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The New Definition of Luxury

What does today’s luxury traveler want? Interface explored this question during “Cocktails and Conversation” at HD Expo in Las Vegas. Three panelists, David Ashen, principal, dash design, Teri Urovsky, vice president, interior design, Marriott International, and Jon Kastl, principal, Champalimaud,… Continue reading »

Interface teams with the Buckminster Fuller Institute and PITCHAfrica to bring water to a thirsty world, one school at a time.

Water is a basic human need. Yet according to Unicef, 768 million people globally do not have access to a safe, clean source. While other organizations put that number higher (some say a billion people, or one in seven) all… Continue reading »

Winners of IIDA’s Student Sustainable Design Competition prove that sustainability is no longer a trend.

“Sustainability is no longer a movement,” proclaims Michelle Melendez, recent graduate of Seminole State College of Florida and Second Place Winner of IIDA’s Student Sustainable Design Competition ( Words like this from the next generation of designers should have the… Continue reading »

Over the Edge™ and Urban Retreat™ Bring Glamour to Carpet Tile

Guests at four- and five-star hotels expect luxury. From lobby to corridor, ballroom to guest room, the trend for high end hospitality is warm, plush and textural interiors. Now designers can create this residential feel underfoot with new products from… Continue reading »

Healthy Conversations CEU Series: Acoustics in Healthcare Environments*

Hospitals are loud, making for uncomfortable staff and unhappy patients. What can be done to turn down the volume in healthcare environments? Dr. Debra Harris, a leading expert in evidence-based design, is touring the country with Interface, offering CEU sessions… Continue reading »