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Digging Deeper on Climate Take Back

On the April 6 ISSP webinar we participated in with Rick Ridgeway, of Patagonia, and John Tran, of Unilever, we spoke a little about our latest ambitious sustainability mission, Climate Take Back, which aims to move to do more than… Continue reading »

Bringing Positive Thinking To Business

The business world is undergoing a powerful shift. It’s a shift beyond “responsible business” to optimism. A shift to expecting more of businesses than profitability and stakeholder engagement. It’s a way of thinking of business as a mechanism to deliver… Continue reading »

Good Guys Need To Hang Together

Why am I standing in the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta holding carpet tiles with several of my colleagues? To tell another courageous business that we support them. Last week I heard that New Belgium Brewing was facing an interesting situation… Continue reading »

What Does Restorative Mean to You?

“How do we leave the world better with every square meter of carpet we sell?” That was Interface Founder Ray Anderson’s response to the question, what does restorative mean to you? The year 2014 will mark 20 years since Interface… Continue reading »