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George Bandy

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George Bandy’s 3 Social Sustainability Goals for 2011

In 2011, I am looking forward to becoming part of a more inclusive green movement and I have three ideas about how we can get there: 1. Improve our relationships with all of our stakeholders (associates, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and… Continue reading »

Steady > Sporadic

“Now we’re committed to something that is a higher calling other than making carpet.” VP of Sustainability Strategy & Diversity George Bandy introduces our First Pillar of Sustainability: Commitment.  At InterfaceFLOR, we’ve decided that “Steady is Smarter than Sporadic,” and… Continue reading »

Turn Backing into Backing

Backing Carpet into a Corner: Moving from Promises to Reality InterfaceFLOR is making strides towards decreasing our need for virgin raw materials and increasing our product’s post-consumer content for our customers, all while reducing our overall environmental footprint. For many… Continue reading »