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Graffiti Art with Carpet Tile

Adventures in Color and Rhythm with Mr. June Across the world, there are artists, designers and other creatives that leave their mark using color. Meet David Louf (aka Mr. June): a Dutch artist who started doing graffiti art in 1985… Continue reading »

Talking “Negative to Positive” at Greenbuild 2016

Join us at Greenbuild in Los Angeles as we talk about our Negative to Positive journey and our new mission, Climate Take Back.  October 5-7 | Booth 1443 | Los Angeles Convention Center We’re proud to be a Gold Sponsor. If you aren’t attending… Continue reading »

TransferWise Transforms Office Design

Welcome to the era of a new “Googlefied” office. Tech start-ups have challenged conceptions of the modern working environment since companies such as Google and Facebook created their sought after workspaces, akin to playgrounds, for the professional generation Y. Now,… Continue reading »

NeoCon Happenings 2016

NeoCon is here and we can’t wait to share some big news with you. Not only are we launching the World Woven™ Collection, we’re also beginning the next chapter of our sustainability journey. While you’re at NeoCon, visit Interface at two… Continue reading »

Welcoming Biophilia in Hospitality

Ever since E.O. Wilson introduced the notion of biophilia in his 1984 book of the same name, there has been mounting evidence that humans are innately drawn to the natural world. It has been proven that views of nature enhance… Continue reading »