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Get Inspired at Our New Website

Our new website is innovative and convenient for first time and previous users. With an intuitive layout and no need to re-register, you’ll be inspired in no time. What Inspires You?  Come and play We’ve created something new: a fun,… Continue reading »

Carbon Canopy

Announcing Carbon Canopy – How unlikely partners are coming together to save southern forests and address climate change. Interface announced at Greenbuild 2013 that it became a pioneer purchaser of forest carbon offsets for its Cool Carpet™ program from an… Continue reading »

A Look Back at Greenbuild 2013

Interface’s sustainability journey began in 1994 only one year after the founding of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and Ray Anderson recognized early on that our fates were intertwined. In fact Ray told his story at the very first… Continue reading »

Live from Greenbuild: The #RestorativeIs Panel Discussion

Net-Works™: How a Global Collaboration became a Model for Restorative Business   Join us for an educational and inspirational discussion that will focus on the importance of partnerships to the Restorative Enterprise model, and what it truly means to be… Continue reading »

Introducing Net Effect

The launch of the Net Effect™ collection is a poignant reminder that beautiful design goes beyond product, to the story behind it. Net Effect, and the simultaneous expansion of the Net-Works™ program, have only been possible because a tightly interwoven… Continue reading »