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Lindsay James

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Why does sustainability need beauty?

Rounding out our series on the intersection of beauty and sustainability, Interface vice-president of restorative enterprise Lindsay James reflects on what she learned after the Interface retreat and Living Future unConference. This is the final blog in the series. More… Continue reading »

What a Ponderosa Pine Could Teach a Business

If you’re familiar with InterfaceFLOR, you may also be familiar with Biomimicry, the practice of emulating nature’s genius to improve human design of products, processes, and systems — a favorite source of inspiration for our sustainability journey. I have a… Continue reading »

Commentary: Why Green Marketing Should Go Beyond Description by Omission

Jay Bolus recently wrote an intriguing post on entitled “Why Green Marketing Should Go Beyond Description by Omission.”  I found myself nodding in agreement throughout his post. Jay was disappointed by the lack of sustainable innovation he found at… Continue reading »

Lessons from Nature: Biomimicry at the San Diego Zoo

I was fortunate enough to attend the Biomimicry Conference at the San Diego Zoo recently, where I heard from many inspiring speakers and had plenty of opportunities to observe plants and animals from the Zoo's spectacular collection. One of my… Continue reading »

Transparency: Be Open or Be Exposed

One of my favorite Sustainability thought leaders, Gregory Unruh, recently posted Transparency: The Internet’s Killer CSR App on The CSR Blog at Forbes.  In his post, Greg explores the roots of Internet-based transparency and the business case for embracing transparency. … Continue reading »