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Can we identify “healthy” products? Three essential questions to ask manufacturers

What’s hot in green building right now? No, global warming isn’t hot, despite growing alarm about extreme weather events. What’s hot is health. Specifically anything related to the potential health impacts of building products. The rise of the WELL Building… Continue reading »

Moments and Memories from Greenbuild 2014

Led by the indomitable George Bandy, Vice President at Interface, and Chairman of the USGBC Board of Directors, our team had a great week of learning, sharing and collaborating at Greenbuild in New Orleans. Melissa Vernon, Director of Sustainable Strategy… Continue reading »

Beautiful Thinking

Our design reveals our assumptions.  Since the Industrial Revolution, many of our designs have assumed we live in a world of unlimited natural resources and a belief that our fate is completely independent from that of the rest of life… Continue reading »

Restorative is…

At Greenbuild this year, we did not so much have a message as we had a question: What does it mean to be a restorative enterprise? A WHAT? Yes, it bears some explanation. When Interface founder Ray Anderson made his first… Continue reading »

Turning a Recycling Quandary into a Reuse Opportunity

Many people consider InterfaceFLOR to be the expert in carpet recycling, maybe even “recycling nerds” if they’re feeling a little comedic. And while ReEntry® 2.0 kept over 25 million pounds of old carpet and carpet scrap out of the landfill… Continue reading »