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Mindy O'Gara

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The Effortless Beauty of the Narratives Collection

In the world of interiors, we seek meaning and intention through the materials, colors and patterns we select. It’s a kind of visual storytelling that can bring significance to the space and the experience.  The same is true of the… Continue reading »

A Closer Look at Equal Measure and Near & Far

As designers, few things are more satisfying than creating a beautiful space. That’s why we love to supply you with innovative products and design solutions that transform the floor and enliven the experience. Equal MeasureTM, a global collection of Skinny… Continue reading »

Go In Style

Our latest skinny plank collection—Posh™—draws from the elegant accommodations wealthy Europeans enjoyed during early twentieth century transoceanic travel. A highly textured blend of two shades in one, SH901™ creates a striking look on the floor alone or with its more… Continue reading »

Mindy O’Gara Introduces Red Carpet Collection

How about a sophisticated corporate interior with true luxury: Relevance, graciousness, and integrity.  Director of Product Styling Mindy O’Gara introduces InterfaceFLOR's new Red Carpet Collection which combines the great traditions of fashion, the customs of welcome, and the best of aspects… Continue reading »

Mindy O’Gara Introduces Sew Straight Modular Carpeting

The simple beauty of linear.  InterfaceFLOR's Director of Product Styling Mindy O'Gara introduces our new line of modular carpeting, Sew Straight.  Bringing linear to life in a variety of 12 colorways.  Learn more: http://bit.ly/emaZda