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Shifting the Game: A Discussion on Climate Change

“Are you really a carpet company?” asked the City of Toronto’s Chief Planner, Jennifer Keesmaat. “I am just so inspired by what you are doing and that is an unexpected outcome of being here this afternoon.” That’s just one of… Continue reading »

Interface’s treasured Octogenarian reflects on the meaning of International Women’s Day, March 8

In honor of International Women’s Day, cherished author, great grandmother and Interface’s culture coach, Marj Barlow shares her insight with us on leadership, change and freedom. Her holistic approach to human development and leadership inspires teams and organizations to cultivate… Continue reading »

Redesign Economy

Interface collaborates with many organizations as it climbs Mount Sustainability. Our commitment to redesign commerce necessarily requires collaborations in communities across our value chain in order to effect the systems changes required for a sustainable society. This year, Interface was… Continue reading »

Building Lasting Change

Green building is more than the transformation of our built environments. It’s also about the kinds of sustainable behaviors we want to inspire to create lasting change. Building lasting change was the theme of this year’s Canada Green Building Council’s national… Continue reading »

Work Out

It’s a simple idea, with huge benefits: Spend 30 min outside for 30 days.  Interface Canada ran its own 30 x 30 challenge in September 2012 as a fun way to celebrate its 30th anniversary.  Here, my Q & A… Continue reading »