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Come On, Get Happy – Resurgence of the ‘70s in Hospitality Design

Flares, platforms, tassels and shearling collar coats are filling the catwalk. It’s official – the 1970s are back! Every year the hospitality design market sees the re-emergence of a particular period. In recent years, mid-century modern inspired design has been the… Continue reading »

My Boutique Tour of NYC

After a day of combing through BDNY for the latest boutique hospitality trends, I took off to the streets of New York to see some fabulous spaces in person. Even though you can see these properties online, I find you… Continue reading »

What’s Trending in Boutique Design?

A boutique is any small, exclusive business offering customized service, especially one that sells fashionable items specializing in one aspect of a larger industry. BDNY is the time for boutique hotels to find the coolest, hippest design elements to enhance… Continue reading »

Glitz, Glam and Gold

Trend longevity has become unpredictable in our fast paced, high tech world. In fact the most marked change in trends over the years is the speed through which they cycle. For that we can thank advances in communication, production, transportation… Continue reading »

Explore Nature’s Edge

With today’s fast paced life styles, when people escape their daily rat race, they want a memorable experience. People tend to disconnect during vacation, and when away, guests have more time for exploring. Both visual and tactile senses play a… Continue reading »