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Explore Nature’s Edge

Sarah Pelham

With today’s fast paced life styles, when people escape their daily rat race, they want a memorable experience. People tend to disconnect during vacation, and when away, guests have more time for exploring. Both visual and tactile senses play a big role in experiencing new destinations. Finishes should be touchable, beholding textures with warmth and depth. The use of color can enhance the guest experience. For example, using colors that permit the texture and touch of materials to take the forefront allows one to experience and engage in their surroundings rather than passing them by. A trend of tone on tone, organic, calming hues with a few pops of accent colors are currently prevailing in the market. This stems from the human desire to connect to our surroundings. One of the reasons we love nature so much is our inherent connection to the outdoors and to natural elements that make us feel at peace and welcomed in a space.

At Interface Hospitality, we find that nature continues to influence color trends, especially these more subtle hues. Picture the shifting sands of a desert plain, the sky against a moonlit storm, or the ocean meeting the shore. Both time and nature work hand in hand to create a softened beauty that is peaceful and tranquil. The colors are earthy; the materials are organic; and the finishes are textural in feel.

With all these elements in mind, we have created a warm, understated, yet refined palette. All the products play on the edge, taking motifs that are found on nature’s own floor to create plush patterns rich in texture, and giving you an endless number of looks and combinations to create your own floor. Whether you are looking to the ocean, the sky or the forest for natural, textural elements, they can all be found in the subtle tonal variations of the products in this palette. Looking a little more in-depth at the products that make up the textural Nature’s Edge palette, you will see we combine three different collections, Over the Edge™, Urban Retreat,™ and Net Effect™. These products were inspired by the changes we find in nature from one edge to another, such as moss growing between rocks on the forest floor.

Blog grid page1_web Blog grid page2_web

Each collection is made up of a combination of different products. Over the Edge takes the union of textural transitions and detailed patterning to create three products, Lofty™, Edgy™, and Steady™. Lofty combines high and low yarns, creating a luxurious texture, rich in design detail, reminiscent of a hand carved rug. The second product, Steady, is a very dense, tightly woven, low profile product. It is a great understated companion with a multi-directional basket weave texture. The final product, Edgy, is the transitional tile. Edgy ties everything together by taking the plush high yarns of Lofty and the low profile yarns of Steady and mixing them in one tile.

Net Effect takes the detailed pattern motifs away and focuses more on a sophisticated textural transition between three different tiles. Inspired by the sea and how sea foam blends on sandy beaches, using Net Effect allows you to bring this aesthetic into your lobby or down your corridor. This enables your guests to continue experiencing the abstract suggestions of the ocean. Each product offers a slightly different note. B601™ has a more pronounced texture with shimmering ends on top of deeper tones. B603™ is a more dense construction with tonal coloration. B602™ serves as the transition between the two tiles, combining both constructions in one piece. With B701™ and B703™, Net Effect takes you even deeper, to the ocean floor where the sandbars form linear planks. Using the new skinny plank format of 25cm x 1m, these products mimic both sandbars and boardwalks in size. They each have unique vertical textures and the colors undulate from tile to tile.

Urban Retreat follows the same format of combining three different tiles UR101™, UR102™ and UR103™, to create a floor rich in textural transitions. If you are looking for that small pop of color, UR101 is the perfect product. If you need a bolder pop of color, add UR103 to create a variety of bandwidths across the floor.

These collections can stand on their own or be mixed with each other to create unique floors that bring nature into a space. While other design trends come and go, nature inspired elements continue to remain strong. The calming power nature has on our interior environments is unlimited. Consider using the floor to bring nature to the edge of your property while creating a memorable experience for your guest.

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Over the Edge™ and Urban Retreat™ Bring Glamour to Carpet Tile

Amy Milshtein

Guests at four- and five-star hotels expect luxury. From lobby to corridor, ballroom to guest room, the trend for high end hospitality is warm, plush and textural interiors. Now designers can create this residential feel underfoot with new products from Interface Hospitality. Over the Edge, Urban Retreat and RMS 506™, showing at Boutique Design New York this month, bring to carpet tile the elegance, texture and color once only associated with rolled goods. “Complex textures and colors on a tile are unique to Interface Hospitality,” notes Sarah Pelham, Creative Project Manager with the company. “We believe these products fill a distinct gap in the high end hospitality flooring market.”

Over the Edge_web2

Over the Edge

Inspired by the textural transitions found in nature, fashion, architecture and art, Over the Edge combines versatility and luxury with the practicality of carpet tile. Three different tiles – Lofty™, Steady™ and Edgy™ – make up the product offering and each plays a unique role in creating a signature interior.

Reminiscent of a hand-carved rug, Lofty combines four pile heights in one tile. The high, medium and low piles blend to create unexpected yet plush texture and movement. Steady, a tightly tufted, low-profile product represents the opposite of Lofty. Dense, with one pile height tufted into a multidirectional basket-weave texture, Steady offers rich, understated elegance. Bridging the gap, Edgy allows designers to transition easily between the two. The high pile of Lofty tiles mix with the low, dense yarns of Steady, creating a distinct stepping stone. All three tiles are designed to work together or alone, and come in different sizes to accommodate any space from a grand ballroom to a narrow corridor.

Over the Edge is offered in a variety of patterns that range from organic to traditional to contemporary. There are 10 suggested colorways, but the tiles can be colored in as many as 12 colors or as few as three, so the opportunity for color customization is boundless. “The whole offering allows for incredible variation,” reports Melissa Tully, Director of Hospitality A&D Market Development, Interface Hospitality. “There are no rules. You could use the same three products in the same colorations and come up with a variety of completely different floors.” To insure proper installation, complex designs are shipped with a template to guide contractors.

Urban Retreat_web9

Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat is another offering that focuses less on specific pattern and more on texture. Plush and luxurious, this product line features an organic look that transitions easily between hues. With a pile height that is lower than Lofty’s and higher than Steady’s, Urban Retreat’s story is in its coloration.

“Tiles come in two, three or five colors,” explains Pelham. Designers can play with the pieces to create effects both subtle and dramatic. “The five-color tile is the transitional piece.” It can gradually blend the two other tile colors or be used to create an accent stripe.

Intended for public spaces like ballrooms, lobbies and corridors, Urban Retreat and Over the Edge would be equally at home in a luxury guest suite where a unique, distinctive look is desired. For standard guest rooms, Interface Hospitality offers RMS 506, a carpet “plank” that is available in fat (50 cm by 1 meter) and skinny (25 cm by 1 meter) sizes. Each plank of RMS 506 features four colors that are blended to mimic natural wood tones. The product’s shape allows designers to create a variety of patterns from herringbone to ashlar. “RMS 506 is meant to complement the other offerings,” says Tully. “With it designers can create a natural transition from public space to private.”



All three of these offerings feature a natural, warm elegance that fits well in residential-inspired, high end hospitality. “It’s all about being more tonal and textural,” explains Tully. “That’s been the biggest focus shift we’ve seen in our product line. To meet high end hospitality demands our designs have transitioned to a more neutral and less ornamental look.” Both Tully and Pelham agree that this trend is a global phenomenon.

And a perfect match for Interface Hospitality.

“We are the only carpet company that makes a transitional, textural offering in a tile,” says Pelham. “Our intention was to create a floor you couldn’t design with a broadloom. We want people to be amazed at what you can do with carpet tile.”

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Neutral Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Neutral_Inspirational PalettewebCreamy, sophisticated tones can be used in multiple environments depending on what they are paired with. Traditional, modern and classic moods can be achieved by using the right mix of subtle textures and patterns.

Ornate, classic pattern details paired with a marble floor gives an aura of high end formal elegance. Simply using clean textures will evoke a contemporary space. The modern interpretation of a Greek key pattern allows for a more classic environment. Mix and match the pieces for your unique boutique.



Final_Hospitality_Neutral_ProductsPalette w IDsA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0738, Colors: a. 39830, b. 40006, c. 39856, d. 40011, e. 40177, f. 40010, g. 40231, h. 40154;
B. Product: UR501,  Color Sage,
 C. UR 501, Color: Flax; D. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0837, Colors: a. 40125, b. 39856, c. 34150; E. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: Mo938, Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 40010, d. 40006, e. 40125, f. 39856, g. 34150; F. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0724; Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 39840; G. Product: RMS102, Colors: Cypress; H. Product: UR101, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40006, c. 39801, d. 40125, e. 40154, f. 40154; I. Product: RMS506, Colors: a. 40154, b. 40177, c. 40126, d. 40125

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Scarlet Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Scarlet_InspirationPalette3A palette rich in texture, mixed with warm camels, walnuts and saturated reds brings you an inviting, down to earth feeling.

Patterning evokes memories of a past world punctuated by a classic flame stitch and the repetitions of a traditional Turkish kilim.

Mix any of these patterns with the natural textures of wood planks, sisals and grass motifs to create a warm inviting environment.





Final_Hospitality_Scarlet_ProductPaletteA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0736, Colors: a. 40067, b. 80-80-80 c. 34418, d. 40006, e. 40169, f. 39833, g. 39967, h. 40041B. Product: Urban Retreat,  Pattern: UR501, Color: Straw; C. Urban Retreat, Pattern: UR501, Color: Bark; D. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0799, Colors: a. 39967, b. 40041, c. 40067, d. 80-80-80, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40018; E. Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: Mo819, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; F. Product: Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: M0819; Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; G. Product: RMS606, Color: Camel; H. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0875, Colors: a. 40041, b. 39870, c. 34418; I. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0818, Colors: a. 34417, b. 34418, c. 40099

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Lavender Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Lavendar_Palette_inspirationWEBContemporary meets traditional just as modern day collides with the past. In the Lavender palette our new distressed Persian pattern takes you back in time with bold majestic purple hues. It emulates a modern spin on transforming pieces of worn Persian rugs into new patchwork creations.

Our construction allows these old world motifs to take on a modern spin — fabulous for a boutique property. Or maybe you’re planning for splashier surroundings. The Jackson Pollack interpretations may be the perfect amount of splattered texture and color. Simple textured linear patterns round out the palette and can be used in combination or alone to create a simplistic mood.

Final_Hospitality_Lavendar_Palette_product W IDs

A. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0914, Colors: a. 39830, b. 34442, c. 40203, d. 40154, e. 58-58-58, f. 39840, g. 40010, h. 40011; B. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0839, Colors: a. 40177, b. 58 -58-58, c. 40203;
C. RMS 506, Colors: a. 40231, b. 34442, c. 40203, d. 34155; D. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0719, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39830, c. 40154, d. 34442, e. 40203, f. 40107, g. 34155; E. Product: Walk The Plank, Color: Poplar; F. Product: UR102, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39840, c. 39801; G. Product: RMS102, Colors: Cypress; H. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0771, Colors: a. 40011, b. 34442, c. 40107

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