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License to Chill

Sarah Pelham

Happiness is that first December morning when you wake up to a blanket of snow covering the ground. Screams of joy echo through the house: “School is closed!” Grab the mittens, boots and all the makings for the best snowman ever. It is WINTER!

Where will this season take you? Will winter bring you inside to the warmth of a cozy cabin with a warm, glowing fire, or will it take you outside to find adventure on snow-covered trails? Whichever path you choose, rejoice in the change in seasons.

As the seasons change, the lighting around us shifts, providing fresh perspectives of the spaces we occupy. The colors around us also shift from summer’s bright, emerald green lawns to winter’s blue grey skies—prompting a change in mood, clothes and even a time to refresh our interior surroundings.

By nature people are drawn to the outdoors and the changes it offers throughout the year. Think of visiting a hotel property that has transformed from winter to summer, allowing returning guests a fresh perspective with different seasonal visits. Likewise, the modularity of certain products makes it easy to change our interiors to reflect the seasons. Cotton coverlets give way to faux fur throws, bright, floral pillows are exchanged for ones with rich, textural patterns—even area rugs can be changed to create complementary moods.

Interface Hospitality makes it easy to achieve a seasonal shift in your space with our modular carpet products. Accent rugs are a simple, cost effective way to refresh your interior’s seasonal mood. All components are easy to store and install, allowing rugs to be switched out in a matter of minutes.

Below is the latest winter palette from Interface Hospitality. It includes a variety of textural products that borrow forms found in nature. Whether you’re looking for a snow covered pebble path, sea foam hitting a shoreline or interwoven tree branches, this palette offers a cool winter retreat.

14_Q4_Hospitality NL_575x277

Top Row (left to right): Net Effect B602, Over the Edge, Lofty M0980, Urban Retreat UR101
Bottom Row (left to right): Human Nature, HN840, HN850, HN810 in Limestone, HN830 in Black, RMS607, Chenille Charade in Frost

Featured products are from our collections of Human Nature™, Urban Retreat™, Net Effect™ and Over the Edge™, as well as two stand alone products, RMS 607™ and Chenille Charade™ from FLOR.

Human Nature, Urban Retreat and Net Effect each consist of multiple products with varied colors and textures that can be combined to create seamless organic movement. These products form inspirational, free flowing floors that allow guests to meander on a natural interior path. FLOR’s Chenille Charade and Lofty™ from Over the Edge both deliver a figurative, textural effect reminiscent of a luxurious, hand carved rug while RMS 607 carries you into the guest room with a plush, monolithic sisal pattern.

So, bundle up for winter and fill your corridors with textural neutrals while bringing in a punch of seasonal fun with interchangeable rugs of cool winter greys and bright summer kiwis.


(Left) Net Effect B601 and B602 in Black Sea; (Right) Chenille Charade in Frost

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Neutral Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Neutral_Inspirational PalettewebCreamy, sophisticated tones can be used in multiple environments depending on what they are paired with. Traditional, modern and classic moods can be achieved by using the right mix of subtle textures and patterns.

Ornate, classic pattern details paired with a marble floor gives an aura of high end formal elegance. Simply using clean textures will evoke a contemporary space. The modern interpretation of a Greek key pattern allows for a more classic environment. Mix and match the pieces for your unique boutique.



Final_Hospitality_Neutral_ProductsPalette w IDsA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0738, Colors: a. 39830, b. 40006, c. 39856, d. 40011, e. 40177, f. 40010, g. 40231, h. 40154;
B. Product: UR501,  Color Sage,
 C. UR 501, Color: Flax; D. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0837, Colors: a. 40125, b. 39856, c. 34150; E. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: Mo938, Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 40010, d. 40006, e. 40125, f. 39856, g. 34150; F. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0724; Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 39840; G. Product: RMS102, Colors: Cypress; H. Product: UR101, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40006, c. 39801, d. 40125, e. 40154, f. 40154; I. Product: RMS506, Colors: a. 40154, b. 40177, c. 40126, d. 40125

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Scarlet Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

A palette rich in texture, mixed with warm camels, walnuts and saturated reds brings you an inviting, down to earth feeling.

Patterning evokes memories of a past world punctuated by a classic flame stitch and the repetitions of a traditional Turkish kilim.

Mix any of these patterns with the natural textures of wood planks, sisals and grass motifs to create a warm inviting environment.

Final_Hospitality_Scarlet_ProductPaletteA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0736, Colors: a. 40067, b. 80-80-80 c. 34418, d. 40006, e. 40169, f. 39833, g. 39967, h. 40041B. Product: Urban Retreat,  Pattern: UR501, Color: Straw; C. Urban Retreat, Pattern: UR501, Color: Bark; D. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0799, Colors: a. 39967, b. 40041, c. 40067, d. 80-80-80, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40018; E. Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: Mo819, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; F. Product: Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: M0819; Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; G. Product: RMS606, Color: Camel; H. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0875, Colors: a. 40041, b. 39870, c. 34418; I. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0818, Colors: a. 34417, b. 34418, c. 40099

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Fuchsia Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Fushia_Palette_InspirationWEB sizeColor, form and texture take center stage in this palette. Both whimsical and organic in feel, you’ll find very decorative pieces in this group with one pattern relating back to the highly decorated paisley motifs of ancient Persia.

Inspirations for the balance of the patterns were found in nature. Organic form and patterning play a large role in this grouping. Bring the outdoors inside with bursting pods, wispy grass and natural wood textures. The colors are fun and punchy and make a statement with a bold pink accent.



Final_Hospitality_Fushia_Palette_product w IDA. Product: Head Over Heels (Sheared), Pattern: M0871; B. Product: Head Over Heels (Sheared), Pattern: M0875; C. Product: Head Over Heels (Sheared), Pattern: M0875; D. Product: RMS506; E. Product: RMS 404, Color: A 40011; F. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0941; G. Product:Head Over Heels (Sheared), Pattern: M0873

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Hospitality Design Inspiration: Cerulean Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Cerulean inspriational images palette WEB1A stunning patina. Distressed, worn finishes.  Classic, timeless design. Ornamentation and the combination of natural textures mix to create a stunning group of elements which can be combined to create a variety of moods. A worn, new world Persian paired with a wood plank or a concrete texture can give you a unique, classic space. Mix just textures for a more modern feel, or use the highly detailed garden floral for a traditional mood.

These products range in tone from ivory through a range of soft golds and warm taupes, into rich, deep chocolate browns with an accent of cerulean.  Soft curves mixed with nature’s hard lines create complimentary design elements. The colors mimic the range in hues of a Siamese cat with cerulean eyes as a stunning accent.

Hospitality_Cerulean_ProductPalette w IDs

A. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0938, Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 39801, d. 40146, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40099; B. Product: Walk The Plank, Color: Poplar; C. Product: Walk The Plank, Color: Poplar; D. Product: UR102, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39840, c. 39801; E. Product: UR101, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39840, c. 39801, d. 34418, e. 40146, f. 40146; F. Product: UR103, Colors: a. 40146,  b. 34418; G. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0819, Colors:a. 40169, b. 39801, c. 40099, d. 40177, e. 40011, f. 40010, g. 39840, h. 40005; H. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0939, Colors: a. 40177 b. 40169, c. 39801, d. 40146, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40099; I. Product: RMS 607, Color: Khaki; J. Product: RMS 103, Color: Walnut

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