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Net Effect: Sand Palette

Gretchen Wagner

Take a moment to feel the foam waves eagerly rush up to your feet leaving bubbles at your ankles. Breathe in the salty air and imagine your feet sinking deeper into the disappearing sand as each wave retreats.

Sand_Inspirational Web

The Sand palette surrenders to the rich textures of the ocean and its sandy beaches. The textures found in the Net Effect™ Collection incorporate the gentle crash where the sand and surf collide, the subtle sandy ridges created along a sand bar or the smooth sand long after high tide.

Sand_001_Product Palette Web

A. Shiver Me Timbers: Poplar 103926; B. B703: Sand 103967; C. B702: Pacific 102898; D. PlushMix: SagePlush 103841; E. UR304: Blue/Straw 103659; F. Micro Line: Sage 103717; G. B601: Sand 102910; H. B602: Sand 102918

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Net Effect: Pacific Palette

Gretchen Wagner

At dawn a new day begins, this day, like every other will bring with it the ever changing ocean tides. Throughout the day the ocean will rush to greet the sand and then slowly retreat. Take a moment to let your thoughts float along the watery surface in contemplation of how the ocean strives to balance itself, and then changes in a moment when the water gushes the opposite way.

Pacific_Inspirational web

This meditative palette blends the cool neutrals found in the sun bleached fallen trees and frayed ropes strewn across the dunes with the saturated blues inspired by the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  Incorporating the Net Effect collection we find the perfect ocean balance by offsetting tidal blues with the neutrals found in the objects worn away by the ocean salt and sun.

Pacific_Product Palette web
A. UR201: Ash 101895; B. UR202: Ash 102966; C. Micro Line: Ash 103718; D. B601: Pacific 102906; E. B602: Pacific 102914; F. B702: Driftwood 102903; G. Nimbus: Slate 103707; H. B701: Pacific 102890

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Net Effect: Atlantic Palette

Gretchen Wagner

Even in the darkest of night, a walk along the beach at midnight is full of discrete color combinations. The moonlight dances across the turbulent waves reflecting a deep shade of turquoise and blue on the water’s surface. Look out toward the horizon as its line disappears into the darkest blues and the black night sky begins to melt into the water. Above is the most brilliant sky, far removed from the activity of city lights, a moment of stillness is filled with immense excitement for the canopy of stars sparkling overhead.

Atlantic_Inspirational web

This modern combination of cool grays and electrifying aquas create an energizing palette inspired by the exhilarating colors seen on a moonlit beach excursion while highlighting the ocean inspired textures of the Net Effect collection.

Atlantic_Product Palette web

A. B602: Atlantic 102916; B. HeatherMix: Granite 103512; C. Vector: Charcoal 103526; D. B601: Atlantic 102908; E. B603: North Sea 102921; F. B701: Black Sea 102888; G. Walk the Plank: Spruce 103945; H. B702: North Sea 102897

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Interface at IIDEX 2012


IIDEX 2012 is just around the corner and the Interface team will be in full force at this year’s show. Find out where we’ll be and what we’ll be up to September 20-21 in Toronto:

On the IIDEX Show Floor:
Join us on the show floor to see our latest products, and be the first to sneak a peek at our newest Urban Retreat™ style.
September 20-21
9am – 6pm
Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, ON
Booth #829

Photo Contest:
Combine your love of city and nature into one photo and win. Follow Interface (@InterfaceAmericas) on Instagram and share your photo using the #interfaceurbanretreat tag.
Enter the Interface Urban Retreat Photo Contest
September 5-26

Panel Discussion:
Beyond Green Claims: How Transparency Gets Us To What Matters for Sustainability
This session, including our own Director of Sustainability Strategy, Nadine Gudz, will show the importance of products when it comes to green building, and how transparency can lead to smarter material choices.
Thursday, September 20
1:00 – 2:00 pm

Anniversary Celebration:
Join us for a “thank you” cocktail party as we celebrate 30 years of business in Canada.
Interface Canada’s 30th Anniversary Cocktail Party
Thursday, September 20 at 4:00 PM
Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, ON
Booth #829


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EPDs: With The Complete Picture Comes A Better Choice


All types of products, from food to clothing to cleaning supplies, claim to be green. The question is, how green?

An EPD, or Environmental Product Declaration, is a statement of product ingredients and environmental impacts that happen during the life of a product.

  • It meets international standards.
  • It is third-party verified.
  • It gives you the complete picture of a product’s environmental impacts.
  • It helps you make better choices about the products you use, and better choices will ultimately lead to greener buildings.

Get “The Complete Picture” in our booth at Greenbuild 2011 (823N) or in the slideshow below.

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