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Platform Shoes & Skinny Planks

Chip DeGrace

ChipDeGrace_2014_SkinnyPlanks2_webWe’ve all had moments in our lives when we have experienced something that has shaken us to the core and shifted our very perception of the world. For example, becoming aware that there was an opposite sex, getting your drivers’ license or your first pair of platform shoes. Suddenly a door opened that expanded your options and gave you a brand new vocabulary you hadn’t had in the moments prior. This is how it was for me when I saw my first Skinny Plank.

Being an interior designer I’ve certainly specified carpet that came in rolls. But for all intent and purposes, the best carpet solution for commercial space came in modular squares. It was logical, practical, and even became an expressive way to design floors for any client or application. There’s something energizing about taking a piece of fabric and giving it structure like other architectural finishes. Carpet tile in squares has been my medium of choice. I’ve designed them and exclusively designed with them. Then a friend of mine showed me carpet tile in a rectangle, the Skinny Plank.

ChipDeGrace_2014_SkinnyPlanks3_webI know you’re thinking I need to get out more, and maybe I do. But a real sea change in floor covering is hard to achieve. People walk on this stuff and it needs to look good and wear well. Gimmicks quickly become tiresome, historical footnotes (pun intended). Skinny planks are a legitimately new medium that allows designers to create a whole new geometry to quietly support architectural expression, or embody expression themselves. In the Interface system, Skinny Planks can be used with the full range of Square Carpet Tiles.

The most effective buildings and interiors being designed today are elegant systems of integrated components. Same with Interface Carpet Squares + Skinny Planks. Give your platform shoes away and check out the full range at or call your local Interface account executive.

Good talking with you!

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Three New Skinny Planks and a Whole New Set of Possibilities

Strike a Perfect Chord
Tune into Harmonize™ and Ground Waves™— two 25cm x 1m companions grounded in the same neutral palette. Harmonize mixes just the right notes of color, contrast and texture in colorways that can be mixed or used alone to create a muted, seamless look on the floor. Ground Waves adds two different bands of accent color that vary in frequency, making each tile seem unique.

Old School Charm
Reclaim™ calls upon the weathered beauty of painted wood planks, playing with layers of texture and hue in each of the 8 colorways. These colorways have a sweeping quality that gives the final installation variation and movement.

All are made with 100% recycled content Type 6 Nylon made from reclaimed materials like used carpet and discarded fishing nets and as i2® styles, you’ve got the additional benefit of mergeable dye lots and easier selective replacement.

View products online and order samples.

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Go In Style

Mindy O'Gara

Our latest skinny plank collection—Posh™—draws from the elegant accommodations wealthy Europeans enjoyed during early twentieth century transoceanic travel. A highly textured blend of two shades in one, SH901™ creates a striking look on the floor alone or with its more softly textured, solid companion, PO801™. Both are offered in a neutral, sophisticated palette and create ultimate luxury underfoot.

View Products Online and Order Samples

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Less pattern, more texture

Taking a cue from residential, many of our latest products offer a neutral palette of soft greys, earthy greens and browns, and buttery creams in a more textured face to foster the home like feel so appealing in a variety of commercial and, of course, living spaces.

Our favorite skinny plank shows up in a variety of iterations, including a take on the trend of distressed, natural finishes and the look of highly textured broadloom. And our latest addition of companions for our popular Platform style offer subtle to bold hints of linear pattern and color.


We’ve found beauty in salvaged things, like weathered clapboard and rare, old-growth wood planks. Likewise, Reclaim draws from the beauty of reclaimed, painted wood with layers of texture and hue in each of the 8 colorways—all offered in our unique 25cm x 1m skinny plank format.

Harmonize™ & Ground Waves™


Harmonize and Ground Waves, i2® styles in our 25cm x 1m skinny plank, combine to create a pitch-perfect look. Harmonize blends just the right notes of color, contrast and texture while Ground Waves introduces two different accent bands that present in a varied frequency, making each tile seem unique.

POSH™ Collection


Inspired by the Port Out, Starboard Home acronym of early 20th century travelers, the Posh Collection’s two 25cm x 1m skinny planks offer shades of buttery neutrals, warm greys and deep blues. The intricately carved SH901™ mingles two shades within a hue while companion PO801™ softens the texture and separates each shade into a stand-alone piece.

Main Line™, Sidetrack™ and Platform™


Platform, Main Line and Sidetrack are linked together like cars on a train – three different vehicles moving in the same direction. With a shared palette and common construction, Platform is the timeless texture upon which Sidetrack introduces three distinctly placed accent threads. Main Line blends those same accents throughout the otherwise neutral yarns.

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Get Inspired at Our New Website

Our new website is innovative and convenient for first time and previous users. With an intuitive layout and no need to re-register, you’ll be inspired in no time.

What Inspires You? 

Come and play
We’ve created something new: a fun, interactive experience that uses conceptual imagery to offer fresh inspiration and a place to play with color, shape, pattern and texture.

Find Your Inspiration!

Website - Come & Play

 Choose Your Mood. 

Find That Special Feeling
Mood Boards help you take your favorite images from the Play experience and use them to bring your creative vision to life. See what’s inspiring others or design and share your own board.

Create Your Own

Website - Choose Your Mood

 Configure It Out

Make It Your Own
Use our square and plank carpet tiles to create your own unique floor layouts with our hands-on Floors tool, so you can visualize every detail with just a few mouse clicks.

Design a Floor

Website - Congfiure It Out

Hassle-free Sample Ordering

Website - Hassle-free Sample OrderingGet In, Get Out
Our new system boasts ease of access and recognition of existing usernames and passwords, meaning hassle-free convenience for new and previous users.

Place an Order.


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