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A Macro Look at Twist & Shine Micro

Mandy Leeming

Fresh and sophisticated, Twist & Shine Micro is a monolithic microtuft that creates a seamless aesthetic for a perfect, broadloom-like appearance. This modern look from Europe is comprised of 12 colorways, including 4 brights and 8 natural colors that can be used alone or paired with our other products to create inspirational interiors.

Twist & Shone Micro

Twist & Shine Micro is a monolithic microtuft carpet tile with a perfect broadloom-like appearance.

So, what’s a microtuft?
Twist & Shine Micro has a densely tufted, low, level loop construction and looks like a hybrid between hard and soft flooring. It’s made with a special yarn that uses a proprietary color-twist technique. This provides the organic sense of movement we see with yarn-dyed fibers but with all the benefits of solution dye. It also creates a subtle, irregular pattern in the carpet tiles (without the need for a complex construction) and adds a bit of shimmer that makes this flawlessly smooth floor a bit more reflective.

Twist & Shine Micro installed

Twist & Shine Micro – a terrific broadloom impersonation from a carpet tile.

Its beauty is not just skin deep
Twist & Shine Micro is precision machined at one of the most sustainable plants in the world – our Scherpenzeel facory in The Netherlands – with 100% recycled content yarn and a recycled PVB precoat. This helps decrease its environmental impact, making this product not just good-looking, but more sustainable.

It’s simply understated, and that’s the beauty of Twist & Shine Micro.

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Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year: Serenity/Rose Quartz

Gretchen Wagner

It’s always daunting to start a new year, but Pantone‘s color selections are a reminder of the softness that comes with new beginnings and to be gentle with ourselves during this new transition and our first trips back to the office post-holiday vacation.

This year is truly memorable as far as “Colors of the Year” go because Pantone has selected not one, but two colors to represent the color trend for the year. Serenity is an opally blue (minus the iridescence) has a naturally breezy essence that renders it both muted and saturated while Rose Quartz is on the paler side of pink with a sugary sweet touch. Together they create an effortless palette that is a reminiscent of more mindful times.

Pantone color palette

Pair blush tones with pale cool neutrals in the form steel gray & iron blue and accompany with patinaed or matte finish copper tones for a touch of authenticity.

For me personally, the palette takes me back to my spring semester abroad in Provence (anyone else having similar sentiments out there?). A special moment in life where creativity reigned supreme and my only woes were whether or not I could muster the courage to order my chocolate croissant in French from the local patisserie. Rose scented macaroons, dried lavender bundles hanging in the markets of Arles, chunky limestone homes and the rosy peak of Roussillon across the Luberon Valley at sunrise. Honestly, could you imagine a more restful paradise?

Soft blush tones have been trickling into the commercial interior design community for a few years now in the form of upholstery and high luster rose gold finishes, so it’s time to start thinking about its more permanent home. Pastel colors are transitioning into the realm of neutrals while we continue to emphasize highly saturated and neon color accents. Pair blush tones with pale cool neutrals in the form steel gray & iron blue and accompany with patinaed or matte finish copper tones for a touch of authenticity. Picture floor to ceiling glass with natural light flooding in across bleached wood floors, an upholstered felt blush mid-century modern sofa decorated in slubby oversized knits and chunky hand woven tapestries. YUM!

The human mind craves real experiences – so create a serene oasis that is more about the tactile world than the digital one.

Interface color palette

Incorporate the Pantone Colors of the Year into your next project using these Interface carpet tile products: 1) SH901: Capri 2) PO801: Marseille 3) NF401: Linen 4) EM551: Oldtown 5) On Line: Cloud 6) Platform: Pearl Gray 7) FLOR Reverb: Glacier 8) UR302: Ash 9) On Board: Eucalyptus

In the bustle of our modern lives and with all the stresses and hurriedness that accompanies them, it is important to surround yourself with objects that carry thoughtful intentions. Whether it’s variable shades of blue, hand sculpted ceramics (bonus points for sourcing locally) or a well-worn and mended chambray shirt, this year’s palette is about the “less is more” philosophy and returning to a peaceful state of mind. Or a summer abroad in France, same thing.

Until next year my color loving friends, au revoir!

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Hospitality Carpet: A Design Evolution


The stereotype of the business traveler—middle-aged, white, male—has given way to a new demographic that is young, diverse and grounded in a culture of work that intersects with all parts of life. In response to this shifting landscape, the hospitality industry is coming up with subtler, more sophisticated environments and a more judicious use of color.


The trend in hospitality flooring is now for subtler, more timeless looks that emphasize pattern and texture.

“Where once we might have seen bold, vibrant colors throughout,” says Melissa Cranshaw, Director of Hospitality A&D Market Development at Interface Hospitality, “the trend is now for subtler, more timeless looks that emphasize pattern and texture.” With this shift, the floor has become less a feature element than an integral part of the overall aesthetic. Cranshaw cites developments at Interface Hospitality within the last year that are propelling this trend forward.

The introduction of the elongated Skinny Planks™ allows for much more fluid transitions, as does Urban Retreat™, collection of three products featuring a transition element along the edge of the tiles in one style that allows for gradual changes. The launch of the Portmanteau™ Collection expands greatly upon this concept, with patterns over a series of tiles that facilitate movement both horizontally and vertically and allow designers to choose which elements create this movement across a floor. This is the kind of versatility and creative license that is every designer’s dream.


The Portmanteau™ Collection of carpet tile patterns facilitate movement both horizontally and vertically and allow designers to choose which elements create movement across a floor.

Bree Dahl, the ForrestPerkins Vice President who leads the company’s San Francisco office, has watched the evolution of Interface Hospitality with great interest. “We work primarily with 4- and 5-star hotels,” she explains, “and up until recently carpet tile was not even an option for us because of its overtly commercial look.” But due to recent innovations in design, Dahl has used Interface Hospitality carpet in several different applications, including a hotel corridor, a meeting room and a restaurant—even putting in for a waiver from one client whose brand standards specified broadloom. She says her choice is based on what she’s able to do with the product from a design standpoint, not on more expected reasons like ease of maintenance or price.

Using carpet tiles in ways that were previously not possible is an exciting development for designers. “With so many of the new products from Interface Hospitality, you can’t even tell that they’re tile, unless you look really closely,” marvels Dahl. “I’ve chosen patterns with a very textural design that have no clear overall repeat and the effect is remarkable.” Clients, too, have been surprised and pleased. Dahl intends to keep her eye on Interface as it continues to innovate. “There are so many new possibilities that are now in play and we’re really excited about what’s coming next.”

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The Effortless Beauty of the Narratives Collection

Mindy O'Gara

In the world of interiors, we seek meaning and intention through the materials, colors and patterns we select. It’s a kind of visual storytelling that can bring significance to the space and the experience.  The same is true of the modular carpet products we design at Interface. Our latest introduction of Skinny Planks™, the Narratives™ Collection, explores a story of elegant simplicity inspired by ancient and exotic details related to Asian design.

For more inspiration on the beauty of simple design, explore our Narratives Collection Pinterest board. You can meander and pin illustrations and concepts essential to the understated details of this collection. You can also see the full colorline of the products on our website.

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A Closer Look at Equal Measure and Near & Far

Mindy O'Gara

As designers, few things are more satisfying than creating a beautiful space. That’s why we love to supply you with innovative products and design solutions that transform the floor and enliven the experience.

Equal MeasureTM, a global collection of Skinny PlanksTM, draws its inspiration from cobblestone streets where the pieces are selected and placed into patterns that serve both the utility and the beauty of the road. Take a closer look at the way these three modular carpet tiles work together to create a beautiful, nature-inspired floor.

Nature finds a way to carpet the ground with endless textures blended in seamless compositions without ever drawing a straight line. When you use nature as inspiration for your interior design, beautiful things emerge. In the second video below, I’ll walk you through the Near & FarTM Collection and show how these two Skinny Planks complement each other.

I love to collect images that inspire me. You can explore more inspiration and color palettes on our Pinterest boards for these two product launches – in Warm and Cool Neutral.

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