Designer Spotlight: Hospitality design inspirations (pt. 2)

Jennifer Busch

Join us as we follow 5 designers from concept to execution as they create custom hospitality vignettes for HI Connect. 

Designer: Colleen Musika, Design & Supply

Q:What is the inspiration for your vignette at HI Connect Design?

A: I approached this space with the excitement of what I would want to see in a boutique room. I started with an oversized, colorful, and eye- grabbing pop art piece that draws the guests in when they first open the door. The room layout leant itself to creating two distinct areas, with the focal wall of the pop art in the background. Pop art refers not as much to the art itself but to the attitude that led to it, and pays tribute to aspects of mass culture. I choose to have the saying “call me maybe” because I loved adding a kitschy element to the space by taking a very popular song from the past year and displaying it on this prominent wall. The overall feel of the room brings excitement and fun to the guest’s experience, leaving them wanting to come back.

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In addition to the bold digital pop art, I wanted the carpet to stand out as well by creating movement and adding a graphic element. I love how the carpet tiles really ground the different areas of the room.  Because the art and floor have such a great impact, adding texture with the brick wall covering, velvet and tweed fabrics add coziness that you want your guests to experience. The final element of the gold, reflective surfaces and shine add much needed dimension.

Q: How does the flooring contribute to the overall design concept?

A: As you can read in my Inspiration for my vignette, the carpet adds the perfect graphic and bold element I was looking for. Mostly all my furniture and walls are simple and textured, so I needed the carpet to be the statement piece in the room. The carpet tiles also provided a great way for me to create two different sections in my vignette. I created a custom “area rug” with the tiles in my living space.

Q: Does sustainability figure prominently in your design concept? If so, please elaborate.

A: Sustainability is a continuing trend and effort that is growing within the design industry every day.   It is always beneficial to have product that speaks to it.  Using Interface Hospitality will not only allow for less waste per project, but it also will allow for less waste when it comes to replacing product as well.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Interface Hospitality as a supplier for your design concept?

A:  I have chosen to work with Interface Hospitality as my carpet supplier because they have impressed me when I have worked with them on previous jobs, before HI Connect. Interface as a whole is very innovative and forward-thinking when it comes to the hospitality industry. I love all the custom capabilities I have with their product and they have such a unique and distinct look to their hospitality line, to which no other carpet company can really even compare.

D&S Colleen MusikasmallAbout the designer:  Colleen Musika has been the head interior designer with Design & Supply for the past five years. Musika joined Design& Supply after graduating from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, and has since designed for all types of properties in many different locations. For her, the change of scenery keeps the day to day interesting. Musika does not lean toward any one type of style or aesthetic, but appreciates all design and particularly enjoys the design challenges posed by hotel projects.


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