Designer Spotlight: Hospitality design inspirations (pt. 2)

Jennifer Busch

Designer: Jennie Bauarschi, LEED AP,  Design Continuum, Inc.

Q: What is the inspiration for your vignette at HI Connect Design?  

A: Imagine a boutique hotel in Paris with guest rooms which have a residential feel with updated traditional elements. The room is designed for a woman traveler who wants to feel as if she is staying in a friend’s guest bedroom rather than a large hotel. A balance of color, texture, and detail prevent the room from becoming overly feminine allowing a male traveler to also be comfortable and welcome.

Q:  How does the flooring contribute to the overall design concept?

A: Taking a traditional chevron pattern, we were able to enlarge it and create abstractions of the pattern through the utilization of a modular carpet tile format. This contemporary tapestry of pattern created a textured and rich tonal backdrop in shades of warm gray and ivory for the rich wood patterns and other more subtle textiles in the room.

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Q: Does sustainability figure prominently in your design concept?

A: We try to incorporate Eco-friendly materials when possible and give high consideration to materials and finishes that will have a long life and good return on investment for the owner.

Q: Why did you choose to work with Interface Hospitality as a supplier for your design concept?

A: We usually use broadloom in guestrooms and it was an opportunity to use carpet tile and see how it would look with all the other elements. It was a very effective way to explore how a pattern could be developed.

About the designer:
As a Senior Designer, Jennie’s responsibilities include initiating and managing the creative process for both renovation and new build projects, including the presentations of concepts to the firm’s clientele, and taking a lead role in organizing and managing the timely completion of complete and accurate project documentation for the FFE package and the interior finishes. She is also responsible for construction administration and FF&E procurement interface for projects.


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