Giving Back on Green Apple Day of Service


At Interface giving back is an inherent part of becoming the restorative company we wish to be. “Restorative” refers to more than what we make and how we make it. It’s also about people – all of us – and the communities in which we live, work and play.

Community projects have long been a part of many of our meetings throughout the Americas, but the upcoming Green Apple Day of Service is an opportunity to serve others on a global scale. Last year Interface associates in Latin America assisted two schools in poor communities within Sao Paulo, Brazil, educating students about the importance of our environment and how social responsibility can change lives.

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We met the most wonderful children. We worked with them in their patio, planting lots of flowers and food for them to grow and harvest for their families. We also read books to them, and most importantly, we talked to them. These kids had been exposed to so many things — good and bad. Being able to show them new possibilities was amazing. They responded with affection and didn’t mind getting dirty with us since we were working to make their day a better one.

We enjoyed it so much that we’re gearing up for it again. On September 28, 2013, we plan to make an even greater impact as our dealers and local sponsors work with us on projects for poor community schools in cities from Argentina to Mexico. We plan to engage these kids to change, to see a future beyond their school walls. We want to help them realize how much their teachers have to give them and how much we care about them as we work on projects that will make their facilities a better place to be.

And we will get back as much, if not more, than we will give.

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