Hospitality Design Inspiration: Cerulean Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Cerulean inspriational images palette WEB1A stunning patina. Distressed, worn finishes.  Classic, timeless design. Ornamentation and the combination of natural textures mix to create a stunning group of elements which can be combined to create a variety of moods. A worn, new world Persian paired with a wood plank or a concrete texture can give you a unique, classic space. Mix just textures for a more modern feel, or use the highly detailed garden floral for a traditional mood.

These products range in tone from ivory through a range of soft golds and warm taupes, into rich, deep chocolate browns with an accent of cerulean.  Soft curves mixed with nature’s hard lines create complimentary design elements. The colors mimic the range in hues of a Siamese cat with cerulean eyes as a stunning accent.

Hospitality_Cerulean_ProductPalette w IDs

A. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0938, Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 39801, d. 40146, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40099; B. Product: Walk The Plank, Color: Poplar; C. Product: Walk The Plank, Color: Poplar; D. Product: UR102, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39840, c. 39801; E. Product: UR101, Colors: a. 40011, b. 39840, c. 39801, d. 34418, e. 40146, f. 40146; F. Product: UR103, Colors: a. 40146,  b. 34418; G. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0819, Colors:a. 40169, b. 39801, c. 40099, d. 40177, e. 40011, f. 40010, g. 39840, h. 40005; H. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0939, Colors: a. 40177 b. 40169, c. 39801, d. 40146, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40099; I. Product: RMS 607, Color: Khaki; J. Product: RMS 103, Color: Walnut

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