Hospitality Design Inspiration: Neutral Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

Final_Hospitality_Neutral_Inspirational PalettewebCreamy, sophisticated tones can be used in multiple environments depending on what they are paired with. Traditional, modern and classic moods can be achieved by using the right mix of subtle textures and patterns.

Ornate, classic pattern details paired with a marble floor gives an aura of high end formal elegance. Simply using clean textures will evoke a contemporary space. The modern interpretation of a Greek key pattern allows for a more classic environment. Mix and match the pieces for your unique boutique.



Final_Hospitality_Neutral_ProductsPalette w IDsA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0738, Colors: a. 39830, b. 40006, c. 39856, d. 40011, e. 40177, f. 40010, g. 40231, h. 40154;
B. Product: UR501,  Color Sage,
 C. UR 501, Color: Flax; D. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0837, Colors: a. 40125, b. 39856, c. 34150; E. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: Mo938, Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 40010, d. 40006, e. 40125, f. 39856, g. 34150; F. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0724; Colors: a. 40177, b. 40169, c. 39840; G. Product: RMS102, Colors: Cypress; H. Product: UR101, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40006, c. 39801, d. 40125, e. 40154, f. 40154; I. Product: RMS506, Colors: a. 40154, b. 40177, c. 40126, d. 40125

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