Hospitality Design Inspiration: Scarlet Palette

Sarah Pelham

 Be inspired by this compilation of some of our newest and most popular Interface Hospitality products.

A palette rich in texture, mixed with warm camels, walnuts and saturated reds brings you an inviting, down to earth feeling.

Patterning evokes memories of a past world punctuated by a classic flame stitch and the repetitions of a traditional Turkish kilim.

Mix any of these patterns with the natural textures of wood planks, sisals and grass motifs to create a warm inviting environment.

Final_Hospitality_Scarlet_ProductPaletteA. Product: A Cut Above, Pattern: M0736, Colors: a. 40067, b. 80-80-80 c. 34418, d. 40006, e. 40169, f. 39833, g. 39967, h. 40041B. Product: Urban Retreat,  Pattern: UR501, Color: Straw; C. Urban Retreat, Pattern: UR501, Color: Bark; D. Product: Hip Over History, Pattern: M0799, Colors: a. 39967, b. 40041, c. 40067, d. 80-80-80, e. 34417, f. 34418, g. 40018; E. Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: Mo819, Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; F. Product: Head Over Heels (sheared), Pattern: M0819; Colors: a. 40169, b. 40041, c. 34418; G. Product: RMS606, Color: Camel; H. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0875, Colors: a. 40041, b. 39870, c. 34418; I. Product: Head Over Heels, Pattern: M0818, Colors: a. 34417, b. 34418, c. 40099

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