Inspired Design: Alternative Branded Studio Palette

Vicki DeVuono

Studio Palettes: Be inspired by this compilation of some of our most popular products.

Alternative Branded

alternative - branded - installation WBE1Commercial architectural interiors that boldly express the spirit of the company. Narratives are woven throughout the interior space. Colors and graphics normally reserved for print make monumental impact in grand installations, serving as touchstones and reminders of the strength of the culture. The most familiar icons (patterns or colors or both) reoccur even in the smallest ways, reinforcing the brand identity.

The Branded Studio Palette selects a strong color rather than a neutral for the envelope. More color is used to compose a graphic motif in the floor that might repeat and serve as a kind of totem for the organization.

Explore these products: A. Doodle 102078/Shocking Blue; B. 2nd Avenue 8164/Mercer; C. Viva Colores 101152/Violeta; D. Raw 101053/Industrial; E. Nouveau 100974/Phenomena; F. Equilibrium 101116/Agreement; G. Monochrome 101819/Orange; H. Prairie Grass 9307/Moorland

alternative - branded plaette final

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