Inspired Design: Alternative Dog & Bike Studio Palette

Vicki DeVuono

Studio Palettes: Be inspired by this compilation of some of our most popular products.

Alternative Dog & Bike

alternative - dog and bike - installationIn My office, I bring My dog to work. I park My bike at My desk. My company fosters the indie spirit in each employee. The space is composed only of the things we love, use and care about. This creates a style that is simultaneously totally accessible to all and incredibly personal. The space is modular & adaptable, not fixed and rigid. This is the antithesis of monolithic.

The Dog & Bike Studio Palette selects an eclectic mix of materials, employing clever combinations of pattern, texture and color to promote an individualistic feel.


Explore these products:  A. 1st Avenue 8154/Fuschia; B. Super Flor 609198/Irish Coffee; C. Viva Colores 101126/Verde Primavera; D. 3rd Avenue 8180/GrandE. Straight Edge 102856/BrownF. Tectonics 100068/ServerG. Monochrome 101850/JuniperH. Raw 101060/Brownstone

alternative - dog and bike - palette w IDs

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