Inspired Design: Formal Chic Studio Palette

Vicki DeVuono

Studio Palettes: Be inspired by this compilation of some of our most popular products.

Formal Chic

formal - chic - installation WEBChic is a sophisticated approach that draws from some of the great style icons of the last 50 years. A perfect pairing of a parsons table and a Louis XV chair add a little shimmer with gilt accents to highlight a room. Lacquer walls are hung with abstract paintings and lighting creates a sense of intimacy.

Decoration is key. Elegance predominates. The Chic Studio Palette brings Palm Beach, Fifth Avenue and Beverly Hills into view with a savvy use of color and pattern in a dark chocolate floor with sun-yellow trim, pattern with pattern.



A. Tongue in Groove / 100728 Buckeye; B. Redesign / 102584 Fleece; C.Remade / 8923 Greige; D.  On Board / 100751 Willow   E.Exchange Street / 7638 Brown/Tan; F. Finsbury Square / 102748 Yorkshire; G. Vermont / 100631 Sandstone; H. Monochrome / 101815 Morning Glory
formal - chic - palette w IDs




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