Inspired Design: Modern – Mid-century

Vicki DeVuono

Studio Palettes: Be inspired by this compilation of some of our most popular products.

Modern – Mid-century

modern - mid century - installation WEBMid Century Modern is characterized by a warmth and informality. Thoughtfully designed spaces are punctuated with furniture and things that are not precious or pretentious. The use of simple, affordable materials like American hardwoods, laminates and molded plywood, communicate accessibility and inclusion.

The Mid Century Modern Studio Palette selects colors that recall the optimism of the middle of the last century. The preference for natural wood tones, undyed wools and linens are also reflected in the warmth of the palette and the textures of the styles.

modern - mid century - palette W IDs

















A. Tongue in Groove / 100720 Mahogany; B. Sew Straight / 102399 Crewel; C. Viva Colores / 101162 Mandarina; D. Cambria / 102560 Marsh; E. Bertola / 8822 Cioccolate; F.Redeliver / 102621 Lame;G. Viva Colores / 101138 Azul Verdosa; H. Flor / 603188 Black-Brown






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