Inspired Design: Pantone’s color of the year

Crosby Fox

With a prominent history in cultures and religions around the world, emerald is making its debut again as Pantone’s Color of the Year. Most commonly recognized as a gemstone tailored for those with sophisticated taste, its luxurious hues are thought to convey love, wisdom and prosperity.


With emerald on our side, there should be no doubt that the worldwide challenges and obstacles of 2013 will be met with a widespread feeling of renewal and harmony. As one of the most abundant hues in nature, this universally-appealing tone translates seamlessly in both fashion and interiors.

Emerald will trend throughout the year surfacing in energetic spring and summer looks and eventually diffusing into sophisticated autumn and winter palettes.


Bring some vitality into any space with colorful accents of emerald. Offset strong cool neutrals with this rich hue in the form of new glassware and textiles. Diffuse the barriers of interior and exterior by surrounding your living space with lush plant life to compliment emerald’s intensity.

Regardless of how you wear or use it, emerald begs for an adventure. Green is the most prominent color in our natural world and the depth of this color is both mysterious and exhilarating. Follow your whim and lavish yourself with its rich hues and explore what exists around you through imaginative eyes. Whether you venture to far away lands or escape to your secret garden, be sure to make 2013 an inspiring year.

Product images: A. UR501 – Ivy B. Syncopation – Hemlock C. Viva Colores – Menta D. Imago – Vision E. UR101 – Stone/Ivy F. Permian – Fern G. Super Flor – Pine Forest H. Panorama II – Spruce
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