Interface Flying High with Southwest Airlines


Tuesday, Southwest Airlines introduced a new sleek cabin experience to enhance customer comfort, improve fleet efficiency, and give back to the environment. Dubbed by Southwest Airlines as EVOLVE: The New Spirit Experience, the updated cabin utilizes durable and environmentally responsible products to reduce waste and create weight savings onboard the aircraft, all while enhancing comfort for customers.

The refreshed cabin features recyclable InterfaceFLOR carpet, a brighter color-scheme and a more durable, eco-friendly, and comfortable low-profile seat that weighs less than before. The new design also provides the unique opportunity of greater revenue potential by increasing the number of seats onboard from 137 to 143, all without sacrificing customer comfort and personal space, while simultaneously increasing under-seat room for carry-on luggage.

The aircrafts increased economy and reduction in weight is achieved by using the lightest and highest performing components for the interior, including improved seat filling, cover and frames. By switching from plastic to a recyclable aluminum throughout the cabin, weight is kept to a minimum, while increasing durability. The aircraft’s floor will be covered with InterfaceFLOR carpet-tiles that have been specifically designed for aircraft interiors to decrease weight and maximize durability and performance. And naturally, as an InterfaceFLOR product, the carpet is manufactured in a closed loop recycled process, dedicated to being completely carbon neutral.

Southwest is calling EVOLVE: The New Spirit Experience a win for each aspect of the triple bottom line: Performance, for increased durability, improved fuel burn, and additional revenue opportunity; People, with a new interior that emphasizes comfort and personal space; and Planet, for featuring sustainable, recyclable materials. Watch the video below to see the plane’s interior transform!

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