Net Effect: Pacific Palette

Gretchen Wagner

At dawn a new day begins, this day, like every other will bring with it the ever changing ocean tides. Throughout the day the ocean will rush to greet the sand and then slowly retreat. Take a moment to let your thoughts float along the watery surface in contemplation of how the ocean strives to balance itself, and then changes in a moment when the water gushes the opposite way.

Pacific_Inspirational web

This meditative palette blends the cool neutrals found in the sun bleached fallen trees and frayed ropes strewn across the dunes with the saturated blues inspired by the depths of the Pacific Ocean.  Incorporating the Net Effect collection we find the perfect ocean balance by offsetting tidal blues with the neutrals found in the objects worn away by the ocean salt and sun.

Pacific_Product Palette web
A. UR201: Ash 101895; B. UR202: Ash 102966; C. Micro Line: Ash 103718; D. B601: Pacific 102906; E. B602: Pacific 102914; F. B702: Driftwood 102903; G. Nimbus: Slate 103707; H. B701: Pacific 102890

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