Sharing Is Sustainable: ReEntry 2.0 Gets Some New Friends


Building a sustainable future takes a team effort, and InterfaceFLOR has just enlisted a new partner for ReEntry 2.0, the company-wide recycling initiative that has reclaimed more than 220 million pounds of used carpet since 1994. The new partnership with Canadian-based Aspera Recycling, Inc. will be the first in a series of knowledge-sharing relationships that will empower regional carpet recycling operations to implement ReEntry-type systems in their own facilities. With InterfaceFLOR providing technical assistance, Aspera Recycling will soon be able to recycle end-of-life carpet tiles and broadloom into the same reusable fiber and PVC backing used to make InterfaceFLOR products.

As the world's largest manufacturer of commercial carpet tile, InterfaceFLOR recognizes its ability to create a veritable “micro-industry” for recycled carpet. By sharing the technological know-how behind the ReEntry process, InterfaceFLOR can drive the entire supply chain of its PVC backing and reusable fiber towards a more sustainable future. And because InterfaceFLOR's ReEntry 2.0 technology can be replicated on different scales of production, regional suppliers like Aspera Recycling incorporate it to grow their operations and increase the worldwide circulation of sustainable carpet.

Forming partnerships like this is particularly important now, as lawmakers in both Canada and the United States begin to debate changes to waste diversion legislation, including the banning of used carpet from landfills and forcing manufacturers to take responsibility for the end of their products' lifecycles. According to a report issued by the Canadian Carpet Recovery Effort (CCRE), the Canadian market contains few carpet recycling facilities, with most used carpet being shipped back to the United States for reprocessing. Nearly 99% of Canadian post-consumer carpet, and 95% of Canadian commercial carpet currently ends up in landfills.

For nearly 17 years, InterfaceFLOR's commitment to sustainability has allowed it to stay many steps ahead of these trends, and this new partner

ship with Aspera Recycling enables regional suppliers throughout North America to join the front of the pack. Read what InterfaceFLOR and Aspera leadership had to say about the new venture:

“Taking our ReEntry experience and helping to foster the development of regional recycling operations is part of InterfaceFLOR's long-range vision to secure our supply chain and ensure we'll have plentiful access to the recycled materials needed for our flooring products throughout the future. We've pledged to be Off Oil by 2020, which may seem absurdist for a manufacturer of carpeting, a product which traditionally has been petroleum based. But, in fulfilling our mission, we've been developing and perfecting ways to take the tons and tons of old, used carpet that's out there and recycle it into our own products. Our LaGrange facility has proven how effectively this can be accomplished, and now we're ready to help spread this capability throughout Canada, the U.S., and beyond.”

-John Wells, President, InterfaceFLOR

“The Canadian carpet recycling landscape is a few years behind that of the U.S. By adopting the tried and true technology platforms of the industry leader, InterfaceFLOR, Aspera is establishing itself at the forefront of carpet recycling and waste diversion in this country. We couldn't be more delighted to have such a strong technology partner. With waste diversion on the minds and agendas of both government and the consumer, there is finally a viable and credible solution for the Canadian market which will meet the zero waste to landfill mandate.”

-Richard White, President, Aspera Recycling

For more information about InterfaceFLOR's ReEntry 2.0 process, check out this playlist of videos from our YouTube channel.

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