We’re Changing the Equation


When Ray Anderson first envisioned InterfaceFLOR’s sustainability mission 16 years ago, we thought that the greatest obstacle to reaching mission zero by 2020 would be numbers. Energy, inputs, emissions, waste, whatever the metric, the challenge was always: How much less can we use to produce this much more?

Since then, we have learned that despite the many metrics we can use to measure our impact, there is no single equation that will get us to our 2020 goal. Instead, we have found many equations that have allowed us to take small steps toward a more sustainable future.

For instance, Public is Smarter than Private. Here’s another one — Steady is Smarter than Sporadic.

What’s Your Equation?

It will take the collective equations of many to achieve true sustainability. As we prepare for Greenbuild 2010, we want to hear from you. Share the equation you believe will help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and get us that much closer to our collective sustainability goals.

___________ is smarter than __________.

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