Nirmal Kishnani

Dr Nirmal Kishnani is an Associate Professor at the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore. He is the force behind several platforms on sustainable design in Asia. FuturArc magazine, where he is editor-in-chief, is a bimonthly glimpse of Green in action. FuturArc Prize and Green Leadership Award, two competitions that he chairs, probe the future of design. Dr Kishnani’s early interest in the occupant-building interface led to position on how architecture affects human well-being. In 2002 he founded Asia’s first Green consulting unit where this goal was actualised through a biophilic approach in projects such as the retrofit of the Asian Development Bank (Manila) Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Gardens by the Bay (Singapore). Since 2007 Dr Kishnani has sought to bridge education and practice. His book, Greening Asia, eschews checklists and instead asks what might be a vocabulary for sustainable design, one that is embedded in ecology and wellness His recent research traces the objectives and impact of two biophilic projects in Singapore. Dr Kishnani has sat on advisory panels in China, Singapore and Vietnam, targeting policy and design guidelines. In 2015 he was picked by a leading magazine as one of ‘50 most influential in Singapore design’.

Design Biofílico na Arquitetura Urbana: O Oasia Hotel em Singapura

outubro 17, 2018

O Oasia Hotel Downtown, projetado pela Woha, uma empresa de arquitetura sediada em Singapura, é um dos arranha-céus mais impressionantes da Ásia. Há, primeiro, o envelope de malha vermelho sinal, uma cor diferente de qualquer coisa em sua vizinhança, e depois os trechos sub-reptícios de verde que parecem envolver lentamente o prédio. Fachadas plantadas não…