Sarah Pelham

Sarah is part of the Interface creative team for its hospitality business. With years of interior design background in the Southcentral and Southeast US, Sarah has a knack for creating relevant vibrant designs. At our design studio in LaGrange, she can be found designing with new hospitality product collections, developing floorscapes, collaborating on marketing materials and researching global trends at shows and hotels around the country.

Resurgence of the ‘70s in Hospitality Design at HD Expo 2016

August 4, 2016

Flares, platforms, tassels and shearling collar coats are filling the catwalk. It’s official – the 1970s are back! Every year the hospitality design market sees the re-emergence of a particular period. In recent years, mid-century modern inspired design has been the ruling influence, but this year the vibe is turning to the 1970s. Does this give…

What’s Trending in Boutique Hotel Design from BDNY 2015

November 30, 2015

A boutique is any small, exclusive business offering customized service, especially one that sells fashionable items specializing in one aspect of a larger industry. BDNY is the time for boutique hotels to find the coolest, hippest design elements to enhance guest experiences. Each year I look forward to grabbing coffee and a bagel, putting on…