Bonnie Casamassima

Bonnie Casamassima, LEED BD+C, MFA, is an Interior Design consultant, educator and researcher with expertise in and a passion for Biophilic design. She is the Founder of Interweave People Place and an Adjunct Professor of Interior Design at SCAD. Her collaborative support works alongside designers, corporations and clients co-creating the integration of Biophilic design into projects to support wellbeing and optimal quality of life.

Can Biophilic Design Improve Emotional Wellbeing?

May 18, 2020

In a post-COVID-19 world, emotional wellbeing will become more important than ever. Regardless of what our built spaces look like in the future, it makes sense that we need to give more thought to how they make us feel. Considering we spend the majority of our lives indoors, can we use biophilic design to support emotional wellbeing?