Mindy O'Gara

With a passion for design and learning, Mindy O’Gara blends both of these talents into her daily role as Director of Product and Learning Experience at Interface. After achieving a Bachelor of Interior Design and working as a commercial interior designer for several years, Mindy joined Interface and served in various design and marketing related roles. Today, she educates both internal and external audiences on Interface’s product offering and its contribution to design. At the junction between neuroscience and design, Mindy demonstrates the significant role of material choice and its effects on how we experience three-dimensional space.

Designing for Resiliency

June 25, 2020

There is no question that in the months of prolonged isolation and distancing, we’re starting to feel the desire for social connection. The reality is that we need and want to go back to work, which means buildings need to adjust—and quickly. But how can we incorporate health and wellbeing? And what is our responsibility to create that sense of physical and psychological safety in the built environment now and into the future?  

Designing for Distance

May 6, 2020

Undoubtedly, you’ve been part of the ongoing speculation driving the design world: What does the office look like after COVID-19? What will change? What won’t? While it’s hard to know what the full impact of the coronavirus looks like at this moment, design will play a huge role in how safe we feel in our physical spaces.