Assessing when to replace the carpet flooring of a facility

Carpet tiles in general have a long life but this mainly depends on the quality of carpet tiles, the volume of foot traffic your flooring has experienced, and the maintenance schedule adopted. Although regular cleaning and proper maintenance can help to increase the life of your carpet, regular use will mean that it will eventually need replacing.

Some of the signs which can indicate that you should replace your carpet can be obvious, while others are more difficult to notice. In this article, we have highlighted some strong reasons and signs that indicate towards replacing your carpet flooring.

Mold or bacteria issues

Inactive and closed workplaces have increased the risk of mold, fungus, and bacterial growth in the carpet flooring. If you notice marks or stains on your carpet which indicate a mold issue, it’s crucial to deep clean the area as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of bacteria to the entire place. However, in some cases, you may notice that replacing carpet becomes the only option.

If you’re using Interface carpet tiles, you’d know that we build our products in a safe and effective way for carpet tile to last longer and stay fresher.

Intersept®, our proprietary preservative, is permanently incorporated into the primary backing of all our modular carpet tiles, as well as our recommended adhesives. It offers protection from the bacteria and mold that can affect not only the life of the carpet but also indoor environmental quality.

Our proprietary preservative, Intersept® offers protection from the bacteria and mold in carpet tiles.

Stubborn Stains

There are a variety of stain removal techniques to help restore the look of your carpet. However, it will be effective or not will largely depend on the quality of carpet tile, and the quality of yarn used in making it. Also, the kind of chemical you’re using to get rid of the stains. It may come as a surprise, but certain treatments can do more harm than good.

In certain cases, it is inevitable to replace the carpet flooring or just the area where issue is more visible with the new one to get rid of the issue entirely.

If the issue is under control, deep cleaning can be more helpful. Interface has a cleaning and maintenance program to keep your floor long-lasting, hygienic, and beautiful as it was on the first day of its installation.

Take advantage of Interface’s cleaning and maintenance program.

Odor or Stench

Odor in any space could be a real deterrent to the comfort of the occupants and can seriously affect work efficiency. Odor is an indication that the flooring can be a breeding ground for mold or bacteria. Try deep cleaning and if the problem persists, it is more than likely that you need a fresh and new carpet flooring.

Rebranding or Interior Design

If you are working on renovating the décor in your space, replacing the carpet to match align to brand guidelines and other interior elements becomes essential. Flooring being the most noticeable area of any space, it is important to include in your renovation plan. Here are some tips to consider when renovating your office floor.

Carpet tiles are totally cost-effective, easy to fit even in weird-shaped rooms, durable, sustainable, and versatile to make your space look fresh and vibrant. Check out more about carpet tile benefits.

If you need further details, or need to speak with our experts to assess the flooring better, please contact us.

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