Things to consider when renovating your office floor

There can be many reasons to renovate your office flooring. Maybe the flooring is too old and need replacing, or the office is getting rebranded, and flooring needs to adjust to the revised brand guidelines. Whatever might be the reason, there are some important things to keep in mind while you need to optimize the budget spend at the same time.

As it is evident by now, COVID-19 has changed the way we have worked so far in an office space. The pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working and organizations must reimagine their workplaces that focus more on occupants’ well-being, indoor air quality, and hygiene of materials used in a space. Hygienic and clean office space promote focus, productivity, and a sense of safety.

As floor is one of the largest, most noticeable and used surfaces of any space, it is required to be careful and thoughtful with your choice of floor covering material.

We have outlined some tips to help you take a better decision when renovating your office floor.

Let’s dig in together.

Functionality and Technical Aspects

When planning to renovate office flooring; functionality, safety, hygiene, and comfort are the most important things. Take into consideration your entire office space, including cubicles, lobby areas, and brainstorming corners or meeting rooms. Your employees should feel safe and comfortable working in that environment.

This article will help you make an informed decision when buying carpet tiles for your next commercial project.

Cost and Timelines

As you start to plan the renovation of your office, you need to create a realistic and structured plan to accommodate the changes. The process to refurbish your office flooring may sound cumbersome but it doesn’t have to be.

An experienced company like Interface can help evaluate your office space, discuss your requirements, and share an estimate based on your requirements. Our concept design team can help create flooring layouts and design for your space as per your preferences.

We also have an innovative furniture lifting system called Renovisions®. It enables carpet tiles to be replaced with minimal disruption to wiring, furniture, staff and the work area. Used by flooring professionals, the jacking system lifts workstations, filing cabinets and other office furniture. This means old carpet tiles can be removed and new ones installed in one simple process.

Interface Renovisions® at work.


All of us need to take a conscious decision to embrace products that focus on meeting the needs of the present without compromising well-being of our people and planet.
When you choose Interface flooring, you’re on the path to a more sustainable space. You’re choosing to reduce the carbon footprint of your space and help improve the health of the planet.

Choose Interface’s carbon-neutral flooring products to contribute to reversing global warming and validate this impact in form of our Carbon Neutral Floors™ certificate to your organization.

Carbon Neutral Floors™ certificate.

We’ve innovated on ways to work with recycled content and bio-based materials – which has led us to make carpet tiles that store carbon, preventing its release into the atmosphere. Check out our carbon negative products.

Contact us if you’d like to partner with us in your upcoming projects.

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