Aveo Gasworks

Architect: Thomson Adsett
Project: Aveo Gasworks, Newstead, QLD, Australia
Segment: Senior Living
Products: World Woven Collection, Urban Retreat Collection, Human Nature Collection, Hospitality Collection
Project size: 6,175 sqm


A transition from independent to assisted living could, in some instances, be associated with compromising when it comes to the quality and homely appeal of the facilities. The first 19 storey integrated retirement living and aged care community in Brisbane, Aveo Newstead Gasworks, elevates the standard of living in aged care residences by addressing a wide range of clients’ needs and incorporating a variety of finishes to future-proof the space and ensure it will serve generations to come.

Aveo Newstead Gasworks was designed by a collaborative group of architecture studios. The focus for Thomson Adsett was the residential aged care facility, the assisted living components as well as the retirement living, resident common areas, including; cafés, function rooms and restaurant.

In these spaces it was paramount to balance the comforts of a home-like residence with the functional and operational needs. This was of particular focus when it came to creating homely, cosy and intimate common areas where there is consideration of the traffic flow, especially for residents with limited mobility.

High quality flooring plays a significant role in creating the desired look and feel as well as combining softness and comfort with safety, endurance and practicality. Interface’s flooring provides the perfect solution to the brief. Complementary styles and colours ensured the luxury aesthetic was met and that it will last.

Pino Gentile, Principal at Thomson Adsett explains: “A big part of aged care residences is trying to create a home away from home. In Australia, we’re used to having soft flooring in parts of our home, particularly bedrooms, and sometimes the living space. It would be a little bit alien to have vinyl everywhere, which is a traditional response in an aged care facility, because it’s very easy to clean.  We wanted to buck the logistical trend but ensure those that operate the facility were as pleased with the outcome as the residents themselves.

“In Australia, we’re used to having soft flooring in parts of our home, particularly bedrooms”

Interface carpet tiles were incorporated in the common areas as well as the bedrooms on the assisted living floor, providing the luxurious and high-end home-like feel alongside excellent quality and best-in-class performance.  Pino explained “The products that we normally use are part of the System 6+ system, which has the impervious backing.  I like that the carpet tiles have joint lines that are sealed, allowing the product to be replaced, or easily cleaned and avoids any potential trip hazards.”

Specified products were from the World Woven, Urban Retreat, Human Nature and Hospitality collections offering stunning patterns and customised colourways that are in keeping with the overall design of the facility, anchored in the visual cues of Brisbane River against which the building is set. Beautifully luxurious yet practical, the exquisite designs were also crucial to delineating larger spaces into smaller ‘neighbourhoods’ that would provide the residents with visual navigational cues, while creating a warmer, homely feel.

Interface carpet tiles assisted Thomson Adsett in creating a beautiful, comfortable and practical space that offers subtle cues of high-end luxury and soft residential appeal.

Through Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors program Aveo Group Limited purchased 6,175 sqm of carbon neutral flooring. Resulting in the retirement of 55 tonnes of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of the emissions from a car travelling 222,402 km. This covers all emissions associated with manufacturing, use and maintenance of the floor.


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