Informatica India chooses Interface products for their office flooring

About Informatica

As a progressive world-leading cloud data management company, Informatica is fully committed to taking ambitious action to reduce its carbon emissions. For suppliers hoping to work with Informatica, this means their procurement process only selects the most environmentally friendly manufacturers. That’s why we are so proud that Informatica has chosen to work with Interface over again.

“In India alone, we have completed four separate projects for Informatica over the last three years, including their newly constructed offices in Bangalore.”

Designed with the climate in mind. Informatica’s new office in Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore – featuring Interface’s Carbon Neutral Floors™.

For Informatica, it’s a big plus point that all Interface products are carbon neutral at no extra cost to the customer – an industry first.

About Architect Firm

Sudhakar Pai Associates is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Bangalore, India. The team who helped to make this project possible is Archana Venson, Sunitha Das, Rana Pratap Singh, Shashidhara Holla. The team received a brief from Informatica to incorporate the design guidelines established in their US headquarters. There was a need to foster more collaboration and allow for a seamless integration of this with the work spaces with defined zones of focus and concentration.

Informatica’s logo comprising of orange tones led to using carpet like Human Connection from Interface, Circuit Board: Orange and Red in the collaborative spaces and other areas that required to be highlighted from the surroundings with accent backgrounds for the furniture.

The ethos of Interface as a company that promotes sustainability and also constantly experiments with renewable and recyclable products resonate with many design firms. The local team is also quite prompt in providing information on new product launches and samples of shortlisted products which is critical for workplace projects with tight timelines

“Interface has a versatile range of products with an underlying narrative and many of these narratives align well with the overall design concept and theme for workplace interiors. The seamless integration of LVT along with carpet flooring with complementary ranges like Visual Code, Level Set LVT and Boundary Metallics LVT are exceptional aspects”- says Archana Venson, Sudhakar Pai Associates

Product Details

As senior director of real estate & workplace solutions at Informatica, it’s Suresh Rao’s job to keep current employees happy and create a work culture that helps to attract the best talent.

The green credentials of their new office were further enhanced by choosing to install Interface Carbon Neutral Floors. It’s no secret that we look forward to working with Informatica, because they always choose our latest, most advanced products in their signature vibrant colours. Repeat business from climate-conscious clients like Informatica is also confirmation that our quest for reversing global warming and our behind the scenes work perfecting recycling processes are truly appreciated.

For their new offices in Bangalore, Informatica once again embraced one of our latest product offerings: Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). A range of hard floor coverings that mimic traditional wood, stone and metallic flooring, designed to integrate seamlessly with our modular carpet tile system without transition strips. Additionally, all our LVT designs come with our superior Sound Choice™ backing, so even hard floors can minimise noise and amplify concentration and focus. The final design includes a range of collaborative areas that provide space for formal meetings and informal discussions promoting the “act as one team” company value.

It’s in these collaborative areas where we can see the seamless integration of hard LVT flooring and soft modular carpet tiles. The joins are created without the use of transition strips, so there is no interruption in the surface when moving from one area to another. If an area becomes worn or damaged, it’s easy to just lift up the tiles and replace them.

Suresh and his team chose the Net Effect™ collection as the floor covering for the main work areas. Net Effect is a unique range of carpet tiles that is both inspired by the ocean and helps to remove plastic waste from precious coastline habitats. The collection includes a sequence of patterned tiles that echo the movement of waves breaking against the shore.

“Nature and the ocean were the inspiration for our office design. We wanted a lively, collaborative space; a free-flowing organic carpet design like Net Effect was a perfect choice”- says Mr. Suresh Rao, Sr. Director, Real Estate, Informatica India.


This allowed Informatica to offset 19 tonnes of carbon emissions – that’s the same emissions as a car travelling roughly 74,000 km or twice around the circumference of the earth.

About Interface

Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company with an integrated collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring. Carbon Neutral Floors come as standard on all our products globally, which is only possible because we’ve been leading the way on reducing carbon emissions for more than two decades. We’ve moved beyond reducing the carbon produced by manufacturing alone; we now minimise emissions across the entire product lifecycle, from raw material extraction down to installation, removal and end of life stewardship. We’ve reduced the carbon footprint of our products by over 60% – the lowest levels in the industry based on publicly available data.

“Another reason why Informatica continues to work with Interface: Mr. Suresh was clear on the importance of colour. “The materials selected had to complement our brand colours and logo,” not just for the floor coverings, but also for the acoustic wall panels used extensively to dampen sound in meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.”

Interface products come in a vast range of textures and colours, and if a specific brand colour is required we also offer a custom colour service.

Suresh was also keen to point out that Interface account manager Vinay Kumar was a big factor in their decision to work with Interface again. Working with a partner who is fully committed to timelines was very important to Suresh and his team.

“Interface is well known for their ability to execute projects within agreed timelines. Even so, Vinay ensured that we didn’t have to worry about delivery or execution. This meant we could fully focus on the other priorities for this project” – says Mr. Suresh Rao, Informatica India.

Interface’s Vinay Kumar “ensured that we didn’t have to worry about delivery or execution,” said Suresh.

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