Marine Views Cottesloe, Wearne, Western Australia

Architect/ Designer: Grounds Kent Architects, Hames Sharley Architects, SPH Architects
Project: Marine Views Cottesloe, Wearne, Western Australia
Interiors: Emma Hahn Interiors
Segment: Senior Living
Carpet Tile: Near and Far NF401, Composure Custom Colour, Luxury Collection LC01, WW895 Moorland Weave
Luxury Vinyl Plank: Textured Woodgrains in Antique Light Oak

Located in the premium coastal suburb of Cottesloe in Perth is Marine Views Cottesloe, a residential and specialised aged care community.

“Curtin Heritage Living is creating a world class retirement community that enables residents to continue to enjoy a life well-lived,” said Emma Hahn of Emma Hahn Interiors. “We the team wanted to create a beautiful building which would feel like a home away from home. A space that fits its coastal location and delivers a modern style with a range of organic-like forms and stunning materials in its fittings and furniture.”

David Cox, Managing Director at Curtin Heritage Living, explains that the accommodation needed to feel contemporary, yet timeless, and work seamlessly within its surroundings.

“We wanted to achieve care services that will be attractive to people now, and in the future, and ensure that the building would fit in with the local community, because they’re the people that we live next door to, and service every day.” Adding that designing for people living with dementia was another important consideration. “The goal was to create practical, yet calming, comfortable and familial environments,”

David Cox says.


Fusing a sense of depth and luxury with a highly practical profile, the Near and Far carpet tile in NF401 was incorporated into the bedrooms and suites, bringing in the desired broadloom look and feel, while ensuring ease of maintenance and movement. “You get this sense of dimension and movement because there are highs and lows, and loops and shears built into the product,” Katrina Manila, Interface Design Studio Concept Designer explains.

The Luxury Vinyl Plank in Antique Light Oak was used in the kitchenettes. “We have used the LVT in one of our other sites called RiverSea,” David explains. “It’s been really successful because it’s softer than a ceramic tile, and if a person were to fall, it is much safer than a harder surface. Plus, it has a beautiful wooden finish, and good acoustic properties which are really important in our RiverSea home.”

The Luxury Collection LC01 in rich brown brought a sense of refined calmness to the lobby and lounge areas, while the Composure Collection in a 1m x 1m large tile created a seamless, yet stunning surface that wouldn’t obstruct trolley movements or pose any issues with cleaning or maintenance. WW895 was also used in the meeting rooms, staff kitchen, offices and open plan workspaces.

Interface’s Design Studio was instrumental in ensuring the project was a success. With key design decisions happening during the pandemic, the ability to appropriately communicate visual concepts and colour options virtually was crucial. “Colour work was a truly collaborative process,” says Katrina. “We would jump on a virtual call and go over client’s colour references and inspiration. Based on those, we could then choose specific yarn colours to build into the product.”

The Design Studio also created renders visualising carpet customisation, and shared them with the client, project manager and the builder virtually. “That helped us narrow down the choices, and cut down the number of physical samples significantly,” David points out.

A result of a collaborative effort in challenging times, this project is a testament to Interface’s robust capabilities when it comes to product quality, design customisations, passionate customer services – and local capabilities that helped ensure delivery of all relevant products on time, and on budget.


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