Microsoft HQ, Sydney

Project Details
Designer: Group GSA
Installer: Harvey Norman Commercial
Carpet Products: Custom Human Nature HN810, HN840 & HN850Net EffectComposure Wine
LVT Products: Level Set Textured Stones Cool Polished Cement

“We went to Interface because we knew that this project was extremely unique. The ability to customise all products was a contributing factor to the reason why we turned to them in the first place.”

Jessica Margiotta, Associate Director at Group GSA

Taking cues from Australia’s most iconic natural wonders, Microsoft’s new Sydney HQ reimagines the landscape of a modern workplace. Masterfully designed by the team at Group GSA, the bold and immersive interiors have been conceived to invite employees on a journey of discovery, and provide inspiration on a daily basis.

Natural landmarks that imbue awe and wonder — where natural phenomena take place — are referenced throughout the space,” explains Jessica Margiotta, Associate Director at Group GSA. “These natural landscapes were conceptually linked with Microsoft’s brand values. A distinctive rock wall simulates Cradle Mountain, while Sydney’s famous Figure Eight Pools inspire the customer floor on Level 28. Microsoft values creativity within their workspace to ensure that their staff are constantly innovating and being challenged to think outside the box.”

With no white walls in sight, colour played an essential role in creating such a unique and vibrant space. With each level representative of a different natural location, Jessica and her team needed a flooring solution that would enable them to create a custom colour palette to bring their intricate creative vision to life. “Each floor of the Microsoft fit out had a different theme, so we needed custom coloured carpets to work in with the design of each level,” Jessica notes.

With their unmatched Design Studio capabilities, Interface was the natural choice for this highly bespoke project. “We went to Interface because we knew that this project was extremely unique. The ability to customise all products was a contributing factor to the reason why we turned to them in the first place,” she adds.

Group GSA utilised a broad range of Interface’s flagship collections. “We used a range of Net Effect, Composure, and custom Human Nature carpet tiles, as well as the Textured Stone Luxury Vinyl Tile,” Jessica describes. Interface’s highly customised range of carpet tile was used because of the high degree of movement and texture that was present in the product.

The fact that they mimicked the natural landscape meant that the carpet tiles complemented our design vision as well as told a great story,” Jessica enthuses. “The ability to customise the tiles was key to achieving a harmonious design. We used colour with purpose and a high degree of contrasting and complementary colours to ensure visual excitement as well as ensuring that our design story was continued throughout the entire project. The range of yarns available to us with Interface meant that we could perfectly tone our floors to our walls.

Interface’s remarkable customisation capabilities, the extensive expertise of their Design Studio and the ability to work with highly intricate flooring contractor plans were also matched by the products’ sustainability profile. “The Microsoft fit out achieved a 5 Star Green Star rating and so using Interface products meant that we would easily achieve the green ratings required,” Jessica says.

One of the undisputable leaders in this space, Interface had all relevant certifications and was compliant with Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) – an international green building certification system recognised as a benchmark for industry excellence in sustainability.

Even though the project took place in the midst of COVID, and there were logistical challenges to overcome, Jessica highlights that Interface went above and beyond to ensure the carpet tiles were delivered as planned. “We are extremely pleased with the final result. Everything about this project was out of the box, so having trusted and experienced suppliers supporting us with our product specifications while we pushed the boundaries of design was extremely important to us,” Jessica sums up. “Knowing that they would deliver quality outcomes gave us the confidence to infuse immense creativity into the project.

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