MYOB HQ, Melbourne

Project Details
Designer: Cachet Group
Installer: Lockwood Flooring
Photgrapher: Lisbeth Grosmann
Products: Carpet Tile: Composure – Diffuse and Seclusion, Composure Custom. LVT: Drawn Lines – Onyx

Located in one of Melbourne’s most exciting tech precincts, MYOB’s Cremorne Street headquarters boast over 5,610 sqm of striking, triangle-shaped volumes that give Silicon Yarra’s water-front a contemporary edge.

“Complementing the unique triangular building shape, we presented a concept for feature carpet to make subtle reference to it.”

says Justine Torrealba (Giardina), Interior Designer at Cachet

The result of a close collaboration between MYOB, Monto Projects and Cachet Group, the new offices have been carefully designed to reflect MYOB’s future way of working, as well as the key principles identified by the employees as essential office attributes. “The general fit out was to be organic, soft and inviting with playful pockets of surprise,” describes Justine Torrealba (Giardina), Interior Designer at Cachet. “It was to have a well considered balance of warm timbers, pops of colour and branding, set against the industrial shell background.

A clear theme runs through all four levels of the office – a well-balanced ratio of central areas for formal meetings and collaboration, middle zones for individual desk work, and outer spaces for quiet individual focus providing employees with a plethora of options.

Zoning of the spaces has been well defined by the different ceiling and floor treatments along with dispersed colour to help lead the eye and clearly define all spaces. Cachet also worked closely with the MYOB branding team to identify and develop specific branding opportunities within the building to ensure the environment lives and breathes MYOB.”

Familiar with Interface’s offering, sustainability credentials as well as their Design Studio’s customisation capabilities, Cachet selected a combination of the brand’s flooring products to bring their intricate design life. The carefully curated choice of carpet tiles and LVT was instrumental in creating a cohesive and contemporary space that reflects MYOB’s personality and is easy to navigate.
Complementing the unique triangular building shape, we presented a concept for feature carpet to make subtle reference to it,” Justine explains the geometrical shapes dotted throughout the floors across all four levels. “Colour was also used to helpzone open meeting spaces that didn’t have physicalwalls. It was crucial for the colour of the pink yarn to best match the pink of MYOB as branding was a driving factor in all colours introduced into the space.

The new Composure carpet tile in neutral and organic shades of Diffuse and Seclusion was used extensively all throughout the offices. The industrial, toned down and practical character of the tile was contrasted with striking accents of bold, saturated pink – a custom shade created by Interface’s Design Studio in the very same Pantone Colour as the MYOB logo.

The carpet tile was then complemented by Interface’s Drawn Lines LVT in the kitchen and break-out areas. Specified in a deep shade of Onyx, the prismatic geometry of the vinyl flooring provided
an eye-catching contrast to the oak timber laminate cabinets, established a visual dialogue with the carpet tile by inconspicuously mirroring the triangle cut outs – and highlighted the subtle link to the edifice’s angular exterior.

Interface’s Design Studio was also instrumental in ensuring any waste was minimised – the team obtained the project’s floor plans in advance to ensure the final result was visualised for the
contractors engaged on the project. The team created a detailed contractor floorplan in order for all of the intricate parts of design to be executed efficiently, and in line with the design, reducing
complexity for the installers.

We have direct contact with our nominated representative but also direct contact with the specification and design team to ensure that we are carrying out the vision of design practically,”
explains Cameron Lockwood, Director of Lockwood Flooring. “The installation of the curved set-outs and triangle cut tile features came with its challenges because their placement was crucial to releasing the intent of the design. However, Interface’s design drawings were very clear and executed to a high standard so that our onsite team could have all the information necessary to carry out installation, and make subtle, practical changes, if necessary, to ensure the best possible outcome.” The successful project wasn’t even swayed by the global pandemic, and the Australian-based flooring manufacturer facilitated virtual discussion where and as needed, and ensured that both the samples and the products were delivered as efficiently as possible.

MYOB fit-out construction began during the Covid lockdown in 2020, adding an additional challenge as we all learnt to work from home. Cachet designers worked closely with suppliers to receive samples at their homes, this included custom carpets and vinyls,” Justine adds. “Interface made the process seamless as they were able to quickly turnaround samples with custom colour yarns for MYOB to review and approve.”

The result of this layered and effective collaboration is a series of smart, highly-considered and consistent spaces that echo MYOB’s brand personality, and empower staff to do – and be – their best at work.

“The manner in which Justine applied the carpet design and layout really brought the design concept to life; it emphasised the unique building as part of the overall design scheme.”

says MYOB Head of Workplace Experience, Graeme Scannell

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