Our Newest Flooring – Designed for Open Spaces

COVID-19 has put wellbeing at the top of everyone’s priorities and this comes to the forefront now more than ever when it comes to workplace design.

The pandemic is reshaping the future of the workplace, and while it is difficult to predict in our ever-changing environment, at least the comfort level of employees can begin to be addressed through responsive workplace design.

Going forward, as many research articles point out – Flexible Design Solutions will be an absolute key in the new hybrid workplace as open spaces will need to be enhanced for more socializing, networking, and other events.

Smart Designs. Unlimited Opportunities.

Our newly launched product collection “Open Air” is about “smart design” and “unlimited opportunities”. It’s a platform of value-driven, hard-working carpet tile styles designed with open spaces in mind. It’s available in our best-selling neutral colours. The best part – All Open-Air products integrate effortlessly with our entire system of flooring, so flexibility is one of the key attributes. It is available in 5 styles using 9 unique geometric, organic and textured colours.

What makes Open Air flexible?

Open Air is a collection of several patterns in nine floorplate greys. Though a true Grey is a simple mix of black and white with no other colour added. However, most grey colour lines have a hint of colour in them, which gives them their own identity, and helps to choose the best grey for the interior that you’re designing with. Open Air Collection not only has the true grey tones, but it’s also got hints of colour in the mix, which makes it unique, providing you warmer or cooler tones of grey.

In areas with larger footprints, this platform’s carpet styles can be a real problem solver. Interface innovated in both design and manufacturing to cut out waste and increase efficiency, resulting in high-performance carpet products delivering high value.

Check out the below colour palettes to see how well these greys can be supported by colour accents, in all kinds of spaces.

Open Air 401 Charcoal and ChromaDots1 DragonFly.

Open Air 402-Granite-Stone.

OpenAir 401 Stone and WW895


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