Safe & hygienic flooring options for schools and universities in India

A safe, comfortable, and hygienic learning environment has a unique opportunity to influence not only the students and staff who occupy the classrooms, auditoriums, and administrative areas on a campus, but also the community in which it is located.

We can’t deny that flooring is the foundation to foster positive learning in schools, colleges, and universities. They can make an important contribution towards students, teachers, and administrative staff feeling comfortable, motivated to perform, and staying healthy.

When teachers, students and the rest of staff feel at ease and inspired by the environment, they perform their best, and with the right flooring solution, you can ease the cost and time of maintenance, reduce disturbing noise, and provide added comfort underfoot — all of which contribute to a happier, healthier environment.

Interface modular flooring for education provides the power of design to create learning, living, and working spaces that drive creativity and productivity while working with the environment, not against it.

Why choose modular flooring over traditional flooring?

Learning spaces i.e., preschools, schools, colleges, universities, day care units are full of activities of all sorts throughout the day. Spaces like cafeterias, science lab, art classes, sport areas, dance classes, pool areas are the places where most of the spills and slips occur. A high-performance flooring not only helps you keep such incidents in control but also create a safe, positive, and confident learning environment.

Interface flooring for education and institutions is extremely robust and helps to create beautiful spaces for various application areas. Not only the designs make your learning space look beautiful, appealing, and vibrant but also our flooring is extremely functional. It is easier to install, maintain, bacteria-resistant, slip-and fall-resistant, sound-absorbing, and eco-friendly.

Long lasting performance and a positive environmental impact

Of course, you want to go as easy on budget and maintenance staffs as you do on the environment. Interface’s carbon neutral, modular carpet tiles install with zero glue and as little as 1.5% waste, are spill- and stain-resistant, and can be individually and quickly replaced.

The flooring products that we sell including carpet tile, LVT and nora®; rubber are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through our third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ program. This indicates our commitment to developing sustainable solutions that meet the highest standards in hygiene, well-being, indoor air quality and durability.

nora rubber flooring on the staircase (Slip-and-fall- resistant flooring)

Interface flooring in the pantry area of a school – better indoor air quality, slip-fall-resistant, stain and dust proof

Interface flooring in the sports hall of a school – slip-fall-resistant

Interface flooring in the locker area

Interface flooring in the classroom – improves well-being, supports acoustics, slip-fall-resistant

Interface flooring in the auditorium – supports acoustics, indoor air quality

Interface flooring in the sports and lobby area- slip-fall-resistant

Interface flooring in the pre-primary play area

Interface flooring in the passage

Interface flooring in the pre-primary class room

Interface flooring in the high school classroom

Interface flooring near the reception area

Rubber flooring for your learning space and its benefits:

In learning environments, our rubber flooring can help improve and enhance concentration levels. Quiet, healthy spaces reduce unwanted ambient sound and contribute to improved indoor air quality. The floors are low pollutant, which contributes to healthier indoor air. They contain no PVC or phthalates unlike other flooring options. Read more about rubber flooring benefits.

Recommended application areas: Sport areas, dance classes, pool area, staircases, science lab, kitchen, canteen, corridors.

LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) for your learning space and its benefits:

Our vinyl floor tiles have a high-quality finish, making them ideal for education environments. Our luxury vinyl tiles are resistant to scratching and scuffing and come with superior Sound Choice™ backing as standard. This means less noise, even on hard floors – so you can build spaces made for concentration. Read more about LVT benefits.

Recommended application areas: Reception areas, classrooms, library and auditorium, day care units, administrative offices.

Carpet tiles for your learning space and its benefits:

Our modular carpet tiles are hardworking multi-taskers that are easy to maintain. Breathe easier with carpet that protects against the growth of mold, mildew and other odor-causing microorganisms. Read more about carpet tile benefits.

Recommended application areas: Class rooms, Auditorium, Administrative offices, Computer labs, Pre-Primary spaces.

Choose Carbon Neutral Floors™ to contribute to the health of our people and planet.

Create highly appealing, yet practical learning spaces – within your budget with Interface modular flooring. If interested, send us an enquiry.

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