WELL Case Study

The aim for the design of Interface’s Australia headquarters in Sydney was to create a beautiful and connected environment that improves efficiencies and provides a variety of different areas of work for staff to encourage collaboration. Anchored by Human Centred Design principles, we took the opportunity when redesigning the space to create a space that was centred around employee wellbeing.

How did we achieve Gold WELL Standard?

The Interface office is one of the first heritage listed buildings to be WELL Certified in Australia. When working towards the goal of achieving Gold WELL Standard for a heritage building you encounter a variety of different challenges vs when approaching it on a new build.

In partnership with Group GSA, we spent a lot of time working on what was possible to achieve the certification and ensure our employees wellbeing along with conscience design principles were considered throughout. This philosophy has been embedded into our other showrooms around the country as we focus on designing for people and planet.

Let’s go for a walk around the three distinctively different levels in the building to understand the key areas we focussed on to achieve WELL.

Explore the virtual showroom 360 WELL case study of heritage listed building

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Come and visit us to discover our spaces and this unique concept. Our showroom is open every day of the week from 9am to 4pm. Check out our case study on Interface’s Australia HQ to read more from Group GSA and JLL on the design concepts, planning philosophy and challenges we faced, along with additional resources on the topic.


Download PDF

Download the Achieving WELL Certification PDF for more detail

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