Grey Matters

Neutrals are the foundation on which we build every palette. If I were to thumb through my closet right now, I’d find nothing but shades of grey (except for that “brown is the new black” shawl I bought on a whim last year).

Grey is the great equalizer of color and it’s always trending. Grey evolves with each season: from “cool” to “warm” to our current state of “true” grey, its versatility knows no bounds.

Grey: The Perfect Neutral

Saturated, bright colors reflect our overly connected and networked culture. They leaves us searching for essential basics and deeper intention. Grey, on the other hand, is balanced. It’s timeless, elegant and industrial; neither feminine nor masculine in nature.

It’s also notoriously complex and finicky.

Tonal greys create simplified and mindful interiors that resonate with humans on a primitive level. Being entirely devoid of color, grey allows us to leave behind our inhibitions about color, see past the noise and embrace all the nuance it can offer. Light, color and environment can influence and migrate our perception of grey, adding complexity to finding that perfectly balanced neutral (a struggle every designer has come to know intimately).

Getting Grey Right

Interface’s newest product, Ice Breaker, is the solution to every grey dilemma. Inspired by the depth of shade found in concrete, Ice Breaker is a color study of those perfect neutrals that we’re always searching for. Seamless, simple and textured, Ice Breaker comes in every shade of grey (and some rich browns too!). With its subtle color and texture, it reads as sophisticated, modern and classic — keeping the floor understated yet edgy.

Interface Ice Breaker

Product shown: Ice Breaker

Getting neutrals just right is a challenge. Leave behind those dirty, muddy, pinky greys and settle into the perfect “grey grey” with Ice Breaker.

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