Proving the ROI of Sustainability

sustainable-brands-coverWith Mission Zero we are living proof that you can run a successful business while operating sustainably, however, to many organisations it’s a deep dark hole, or simply not on the board’s agenda.

Sustainable Brands have recently pulled together this report which looks at 22 studies that prove the ROI of sustainability.

Highlights include:


THE ROI OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – WeSpire is a cloud-based engagement platform that helps companies engage employees in sustainability and responsibility initiatives with persuasive technology that builds awareness and drives behaviour change, mostly through smart gamification of incentives to take simple actions.

After crunching a big amount of its data from multiple clients in 2014, the company estimated that the average amount saved per employee per year is $250 – not at all trivial, given that thousands or even hundreds of thousands of employees may be involved, collectively taking millions of pro-sustainability actions. As an illustration, MGM Resorts has engaged over 19,500 employees, or about 31% of its employee base, in its WeSpire program, and those 19,500 people have collectively taken a few million green actions to date, resulting in operating cost savings of some $5 million per year.

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CLIMATE ACTION AND PROFITABILITY – A 2014 research study by the CDP found that climate change management S&P 500 industry leaders generate superior profitability – their average ROE is 18% higher than that of low scoring peers and 67% higher than non-responders. In addition, climate industry leaders have enjoyed 50% lower volatility of earnings over the past decade compared to low scoring peers. Last but not least, climate industry leaders have consistently exhibited value attributes attractive to equity investors, all while growing dividends to shareholders 21% stronger than low scoring peers.


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