ATXK’s New Office Invites Nature Inside

When ATXK, the leading interior construction company in Mexico and Colombia, was preparing to move its Mexico City operation into a new office space, the company’s leadership and design teams saw an opportunity to showcase the best of biophilic design in corporate interiors, learned from years of industry experience. “These offices are the culmination of all of our experience so far, including all the offices we have built for our clients and the experience we’ve had creating our own previous office spaces,” said Adrian Ruano, CEO of ATXK.

Better Environments Leveraging Biophilic Design

Going into the project, ATXK focused on creating a sense of freedom and fluidity for employees while leveraging biophilic design to invite nature inside. “We wanted to design an office where people could freely circulate and not feel as if they were in an enclosed space. This is fundamental to having comfortable offices that meet today’s standards,” explained Ruano.

“A positive, healthy space is a space filled with light and good views and truly draws in the people who work in it,” said Juan Pablo Serrano, cofounder of Work+. “As architects and designers, we ask ourselves: Do better environments make better people and better companies? This is the challenge of biophilic design.”

Central to this design concept, and the office itself, is an area that ATXK calls “the park” – an open workspace rooted by a tree-like structure that unifies the company’s various divisions and employees. “This is the area where no one has an assigned seat,” said Ruano. “All of the teams can come together to report on projects, or those in the office can move to the space for a change of scenery to feel like they’re in a more comfortable place to perform their tasks.”

“The park” is an open workspace rooted by a tree-like structure that unifies the company’s various divisions and employees.

“The concept of the park is very interesting. We wanted to make an abstraction of a tree that, in reality, brings together everything that passes below its branches,” added Serrano. “Finding the right flooring to have below a tree was interesting as well. We used a carpet from Interface that is unique. It features a pattern that looks like moss, rocks, and grass, and in a way, it reminds us of the same shape that was formed with the oval of the tree.”

Other areas of note include ATXK’s reception area and main corridor. “It was crucial that we sought inspiration through looking at the space, the view, the structure and the entrance. For example, in the reception area we drew on the interdisciplinary skills of all our advisors to create a space unlike any other. This area is an important first impression to ATXK’s clients,” said Serrano. “And the hallway, more than 60 meters in length, truly takes you out of scale and leads you to discover different zones across the office,” he added.

Anchored by a Common Goal

ATXK and its design and architecture teams share a commitment to sustainability, making Interface an ideal flooring partner for the new office space.

“ATXK has long sourced Interface products for its customers, so helping them bring their vision for this dynamic, positive space to life was very fulfilling,” shared Flavio de Stefano, Interface’s marketing director for Latin America. “They were very proud of their reduced carbon emissions supported by Interface flooring products.”

“Interface provided us with modular carpet and LVT to help us reach our desired levels of environmental responsibility,” explained Ruano. “We installed 1,210 square meters of flooring and, according to the data provided through the Carbon Neutral Floors™ program, what was saved in manufacturing and transportation emissions is equivalent to not emitting 12 metric tons of carbon.”

Positive Partnerships. +Positive spaces™

ATXK leadership and their employees are proud of their new office and already see the benefits of working in the open, unique space. “Now these offices depict a completely new space with many more open areas, great heights and collaborative spaces. I believe it is a grand space, and its occupants appreciate it,” said Ruano.

“I think that quality leadership, in terms of design, and the commitment to sustainability create a balance, and I believe all of this was fulfilled by Interface in this project,” added Serrano.

Project Dealer: Walflooring Mexico

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  1. This is a fabulous space. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terri Collins says:

    This space is so “cool”. Congratulations to all who collaborated to create such a unique office space!

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