David Congram

David Congram is Head Content Editor at Indesign Media Asia Pacific. From his base in Sydney, Australia, David reports on Asia Pacific’s inspiring feats of architecture and design. He is a regular contributor to several design, architecture, engineering, fine arts and culture titles in Australia and abroad.

The Secret Life Of Our Floors: They Might Just Save You!

December 27, 2018

As one of the most prominent features in our built environment, flooring can play a vital role in impacting our wellbeing. But what is the latest development in commercial flooring that has the A+D world amazed? How a space ‘performs’ is no longer solely just about its aesthetic appeal. Certainly in the workplace, it is…

A Look Inside The Design Industry’s Most Sustainable Company

May 11, 2018

In 5 minutes with Jay Gould, CEO of Interface, we learn everything from how companies should look at sustainability as a design problem to what having zero negative impact really means. More than two decades ago – before, that is, watchwords like ‘sustainability’ and ‘biosphere’ garnered attention – Interface declared a rather bold move. Seeking…