Expanding Our Product Line With Nora

Throughout our history at Interface, customers have guided our development. With your questions, your input and your challenges, you’ve helped us pioneer carpet tile, reinvent it with biophilic design, rethink how industry deals with sustainability, and, recently, integrate our design approach with hard and soft flooring surfaces. And, over the years you’ve rewarded us for our courage, our innovation and our insatiable desire to make the world a better place. Thank you for making us a different, better and more special company.

June 14 marked another important step in our ability to better serve you. We announced the planned acquisition of nora systems, a leading global company in performance flooring and the worldwide share leader in the rubber flooring category. As we studied the commercial flooring industry, we fell in love with the nora brand and the people who built it. At our core, we share a unique set of values that inspire us to make a difference. Interface and nora are committed to making great products every day, to servicing our customers, to inventing new solutions for performance and design, and to improving the environment with our sustainability strategies. Together, we can do more.

About nora

Nora was founded in 1938 and has established their brand reputation globally grounded on quality, performance, durability, and design. They are especially strong in healthcare, education, life sciences and transportation. In addition to great performance flooring products, nora brings a talented workforce of 1,100 employees with values highly aligned to Interface. The company is based in Weinheim, Germany, where they operate one manufacturing facility that serves their global customer base, with additional distribution centers in Salem, NH (U.S.) and Shanghai, China.

What’s next

Following the closing of the transaction, which we expect in the third quarter, we will continue to offer rubber flooring products under the nora brand. If you need performance flooring prior to the deal closing, I encourage you to connect directly with nora, or with your Interface account executive who can help make introductions for you with the nora team.

This is an incredibly exciting time at Interface. We’re working hard to better serve you and to offer the range of products you need across your commercial applications. We will share more details with you as we finalise the transaction and work to bring nora into the Interface family.

We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to evolve what we do, guided by you.

Jay D. Gould
Interface CEO

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