Dan Hendrix

Daniel is the President and CEO of Interface, Inc. and Chairman of the Board. He joined the Company in 1983 after having worked previously for a national accounting firm. He was promoted to Treasurer of the Company in 1984, Chief Financial Officer in 1985, Vice President-Finance in 1986, Senior Vice President-Finance in 1995, Executive Vice President in 2000, and President and Chief Executive Officer in July 2001. He served as CEO until March 2017, and reassumed the CEO position in January 2020.

A Message from Our CEO

June 10, 2020

The senseless and brutal killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police and the painful reality that his death is only the latest in a series of similar tragedies have broken our collective hearts wide open. It is clear we have so much more work to do to right the wrongs that exist…